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The crypto industry is developing so dynamically that every year there are many opportunities for earning. Mining, staking, crypto trading, and holding are in special demand. All these types of earnings are offered on crypto exchanges or special crypto platforms.

It is worth noting that, not only do investors and traders earn money in this young and rapidly changing market, but also the owners of crypto businesses receive high incomes. Sometimes these amounts exceed millions or even billions of dollars. However, how to start not just investing in the market, but creating your own platform and launching your own crypto business?

In this article, we will describe in detail the ways to launch your platform from scratch.

Creation of a crypto platform from scratch

If you do not have programming experience or your own team of professionals, in this case, you can turn to the services of developers to help you create a platform. If everything goes well, you will be able to see the beta version of your platform in 6–8 months. Additionally, in 9–18 months, you will be able to get your mid-level crypto platform written in high-performance programming languages ​​such as C, Rust, etc.

However, it is necessary to take into account the risks here, because ordering a cryptocurrency platform from scratch from third-party developers may carry certain risks. For example, you will be able to see your platform in a “raw”, unfinished form no earlier than six months. The effectiveness and quality of the platform can only be assessed by the end of the project development.

The main risk here is that it is undesirable to lose touch with this development team after the launch of the cryptocurrency platform, which, like any other developing project, will need improvements and changes. In fact, it may turn out that your project is not the main focus of the development team, and in the future, it will no longer be a priority.

Accordingly, you will encounter delays in the implementation of current tasks and plans. In addition, the usual problems of outsourcing can arise, such as late completion of tasks, recalculation of the cost of services in a large direction, etc. In general, if you still decide to create your platform with the help of outsourced developers, then you should require them to confirm their competencies and examples of finished projects.

White Label Solution

If you do not want to pay money for an unpredictable result and get a guarantee that your platform will be of high quality, then White Label is the solution for you.

White Label is a type of cooperation that is implemented by providing services under the brand of a company that manufactures goods, and another sells them under its own brand.

“White Label” crypto platform is software with which you can quickly and inexpensively launch your own cryptocurrency platform with your design and under your own brand.

White Label crypto trading platform advantages

  • The ability to evaluate the platform, and its functionality and make sure it works;
  • The cost of launching the platform is known in advance since all conditions are agreed upon before the start of work
  • The cost of the White Label crypto platform is several times lower than the cost of developing a crypto exchange from scratch.
  • With the White Label solution, you can quickly launch your cryptocurrency platform within 3–14 days.
  • The White Label developers are only engaged in the development of the basic platform, so all improvements and additions will improve your crypto platform.
  • Your current tasks and plans for the development of the trading platform will always correspond to the main direction of the development team.

Step-by-step instructions on how to launch White Label crypto platform

  • Study information about the project that provides the White Label service.
  • Check the functionality and performance of the platform.
  • Choose a package that will include all the necessary functionality of the platform.
  • Sign the contract and pay for the services of the company.
  • Deployment and launch of the cryptocurrency platform.
  • If necessary, modify the functionality.

How to buy White Label Cryptorobotics?

Cryptorobotics is the best crypto platform. It allows traders not only to trade manually but also to automate strategy with APIs. The platform facilitates the process of crypto trading with the help of crypto botscrypto signals, copy trading, and robots with artificial intelligence. But in addition to trading on the platform, you can also order a White Label solution to launch your business.

White Label Cryptorobotics is a copy of our cryptocurrency platform with modification or reduction of functions, as well as the creation of a brand at the request of the client.

Advantages of buying White Label Cryptorobotics

  • Infrastructure Deployment
  • Integration of the platform interface and robots for the client’s site
  • Serving your users
  • 2-3 successful robots
  • Robot setup training and weekly adjustments
  • Access to the crypto signals function
  • Possibility of complete redemption and transfer of infrastructure

Cost of White Label Crypto Platform on Cryptorobotics

ServicesPackage name
Economy BusinessPremium
Development of crypto bot market interface from 10 000 $
Copying of the platform for crypto bots50 000 $
Finalization of the crypto platform according to the individual request of the clientfrom 10 000 $
Development of individual strategies for botfrom 5 000 $
Annual maintenance of cryptocurrency bots and information support for trading on Cryptorobotics servers (per month)$5.00 $7.00$10.00
Transferring the platform to the client’s servers (licensed copy)120 000 $
Maintenance of crypto bots and information support of crypto trading  on the client’s servers (per year)$10.00 $20.00$40.00

The company also charges an additional fee for customer service.

ECONOMY2-3 crypto bots for trading with different market trends$60/year (per user)
BUSINESSfrom 2 to 3 crypto bots that trade during different market trends. Access to training videos on setting up cryptocurrency botsVideo recording of crypto bot’s trades every week$84/year (per user)
PREMIUM2-3 crypto bots that successfully open deals on different marketsAccess to training videos on setting up cryptocurrency robotsVideo recording of cryptocurrency bot trades every weekAccess to the crypto signals feature from our analyst-traders$120/year (per user)

How to apply for the launch of a White Label crypto platform from Cryptorobotics?

  • Write us your request and include your mobile phone number in the letter.
  • Send your application to us at [email protected].

After we receive your application, our manager will contact you shortly.

You can also follow this link and apply by contacting our manager directly via Telegram.

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