Automate your DeFi strategies and earn more by working less

DeRobo is a non-custodial service for increasing profitability, optimization and analytics of your PancakeSwap farming pools 🦾

Automation of DeFi

100% automation

Automatic entry and exit from profitable and reliable farming pools.
Just press the button and earn more using the unique smart contract

Security of decentralized finances

Absolute security

The service is completely decentralized and does not store your coins.
Only you have the right to withdraw funds from the smart contract and give permission to auto-invest in pools

Launch DeFi bot without programing

Without programming

Create your own DeFi robots with preset entry and exit triggers in a couple of clicks in the constructor, or activate our reliable strategies with the click of a button

Pool aggregator

Pool aggregator

Sort all available farming pools on PancakeSwap by liquidity or profitability and choose the most suitable ones.

Analytical dashboard

Analytics dashboard

Round-the-clock monitoring of historical profitability and your balance in the form of convenient charts, reward statistics and PnL

DeFi bot has an alert system

Alert system

Set rules for your favourite pools and get notified about important events. For example, about the moment of exit from a certain pool

Forget about wasted money, time and nerves

With DeRobo, you no longer need to:

  • Go to PancakeSwap dozens of times a day and look for the most profitable strategies and pairs yourself to get the maximum APR
  • Monitor your finances on a daily basis and perform complex calculations in Excel to figure out where, why and how much you earn or lose
  • Experience impermanent and permanent losses due to the fact that you manually open deposits and often exit them at a wrong moment
  • Experience regular stress, insomnia, and FOMO (feeling of missing out)
Invest in DeRobo in the decentralized market

Complicated inside, easy outside

The service is developed by an international team of professionals with 8 years of experience in successfully developing blockchain projects.

There are tens of thousands of lines of code inside the smart contract that selects pools and helps to invest.
But to launch it, you only need a spare minute and any smartphone or laptop connected to the internet.

1. Connect your wallet

2. Choose the suitable pool or strategy

3. Make your first investment

4. Monitor your growing balance in the analytics dashboard

No subscriptions or limits

Start investing in DeFi with any amount
You can start investing with any amount

You can invest even a few dollars The main thing is to monitor network commission

Free DeFi bot
The service is absolutely free

No subscriptions or upfront payments The system takes an almost imperceptible commission for entering and exiting pools

DeRobo is like having a DeFi genius friend who knows how to find the most profitable strategies and helps you build your investment portfolio round-the-clock

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