Automate your trading strategies
in a couple of seconds
without programming skills

Create a trading bot based on TradingView or other sources signals and make profit in any market.

Even when you are sleeping.

How to automate your strategy in 3 easy steps

Bitcoin bot from scratch

1.Create a robot in CryptoRobotics according
CryptoRobotics to the manual

Automate your TradingView crypto trading strategy

2. Create Alerts
in TradingView

Crypto trading bot

3. Launch the robot
and start getting signals

And then the fun begins:

All-in-one platform for secure auto-trading

Just sit back and watch your portfolio grow 24/7 with proven tools from CryptoRobotics experts.

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on the platform
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$ 1 M+
daily trading

Advanced algorithmic orders that are absent on exchanges will take your trading strategy to a whole other level

You can create a robot for any exchanges, currencies and market trends.

15+ settings options will help you with this. Use all of them or just the basic ones, depending on the complexity of your strategy.

After automation, test your strategy on demo trading or on real balance without any limits.

Basic bot parameters

  • You can send ready-made requests for the strategy from your system using the basic parameters of the robot
    Choose from 13 exchanges
  • Choose 1-3 main coins available on the selected exchange
  • Buy or sell signal
  • Stop Loss: 100% close by SL or delay on deviation
  • Take Profit: close by TP or signal
  • Trailing for Stop Loss and Take Profit
  • Order direction – long or short
  • The maximum allowable leverage size for the user

You can also set the necessary parameters within our system and send us only basic signals to open trades. The rest of the strategy will be executed by the constructor.

Additional bot parameters​

You can set a minimum balance limit to use your robot, as well as limit the trade amount to a certain percentage of the trading balance, or leave the trade amount arbitrary

By activating this setting, you can specify the minimum percentage of profit for an exit signal

The robot will open new orders even if there are existing orders for this currency pair

This type of Stop Loss differs in that the check is carried out not at the current price, but at the price at which the candle closed for the previous period on the selected timeframe (1h, 2h, 4h, 12h, 1d)

This feature allows the robot to stop trading if the loss on all trades is equal to or slightly less than the % you set. This will help maintain a balance in case there is a long market drawdown

Even robots need to rest. With this feature, you will be sure that no matter what happens in the markets, your assets are safe.

Your funds and data security is our #1 priority

Since 2017, we have been doing our best to make the trading operations of our users completed on time and with the maximum security level..

Safe crypto trading


Your trading strategies are completely confidential. Our platform does not access the strategy, but only receives signals from your system to open or close trades

Security of Crypto robotics trading platform

Your money - always only yours

CryptoRobotics does not accept your funds into its account and does not have access to withdraw them. You trade via your exchange API keys

The crypto trading platform is located in secure cloud storage

Worldwide stable

The platform is located in secure cloud storage, so your strategies will work 24/7, even when you don’t have internet or a device at hand

Get additional income from your robots on the marketplace

A good deed is never lost. If your strategy brings good profit to you, then share it with others. They will thank you either with a monthly subscription or a percentage of their profits.

Ethereum trading bot

1. Add your strategy to the robot

BTC trading bot

2. Test the robot in demo or real trading  mode for at least 30 days

Cryptocurrency trading bot

3. Apply to sell your robot on our marketplace

CryptoRobotics is a reliable and completely automated system that guarantees the mutual interests of both yours and other users.

Try 7 days for FREE
at the maximum rate with promo code

Best crypto trading terminal

2. In the My Pro-package section, select Expert for 7 days for FREE

Bitcoin platform


Crypto trading strategy


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Become our partner, invite your friends and get 20% commission for each completed purchase of the person you referred + an additional $6 for registration after the first payment.

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Full-featured trading terminal in your pocket

Install the CryptoRobotics app for Android or use the optimized mobile version for iOS and manage trades whenever and wherever you are.


It takes less than 10 minutes to get started.

You can start with just $20 in your exchange account

We support all coins and trading pairs that are on the crypto exchange. Choose from hundreds of coins including: Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, Binance Coin, Cardano, Ripple, Polkadot, Dogecoin, Litecoin, etc.

You can use any PRO package, which includes from 1 to 5 robots according to your strategies. To get started, you can use STRATEGY promo code to activate your free 7-day trial.

Bitcoin bot
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