How does the referral program on the Cryptorobotics platform work?


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Our platform has 30.000+ users worldwide.
Do you want to become our partner? Participate in our referral program, invite your
friends and earn a 20% fee on the transactions of the users that you refer.

Terms and conditions of participation in the referral program

Cryptorobotics referral program

Cryptorobotics referral program is a one-level system.

This means that you earn referral rewards from the purchases of users you attract.

Our business model of monthly memberships allows you to bring a user 1 time and constantly receive referral payments:

for each newly registered user on our crypto trading platform.

You will receive it after the referral makes the 1st purchase of any package of services.

20% referral fee for each purchase of a PRO-package or tools subscription:

Rewards are sent immediately in USDT to the crypto wallet in your account and you can withdraw them to external wallets.

Who can participate in the Cryptorobotics referral program?

  • Users. Are you using our platform? Just recommend us to your friends and acquaintances.
  • Opinion leaders. Do you have your own audience? Tell them about the uniqueness of our project.
  • Targetologists and webmasters.

How to start earning on the referral program?

  • Register on the Cryptorobotics platform.
  • Get a referral link.
  • Share your referral link on your platform or social media and invite users.
  • Start earning a 20% ​​fee every month from the purchases of the users you referred.

Advantages of the Cryptorobotics referral program?

  • Unlimited earning opportunities.
  • High commission.
    Ready promotional materials.
  • Tracking statistics of registered users from you and their purchases.
  • Stable rewards that are accrued instantly.

Sign up on the Cryptorobotics platform now

and participate in our referral program


Sign up to the platform for FREE, next you will see the referral link available in your account.

In order to access the referral link, you need to log in to the Cryptorobotics platform, then click on the “Account” → “Referral program” buttons.

You can find 3 links in the “referral program” section: 

The first 2 referral links are the English and Russian versions of our external website, where you can find the information on the Cryptorobotics project, the functionality of our platform and our products, and there is also a button that transfers the user to the DEMO-terminal.

You also have a referral link to the DEMO-platform page.

After the user clicks on your referral link, our website saves your referral ID in the browser cookie and stores it for 6 months.

If a user goes to the website using your referral link and did not register, and then returns after some time via a direct link (in the same browser) and finally gets registered, this user is assigned to you.

You also need to understand that the data is saved in cookies based on the last click on the referral link. This means that if a user clicked on someone’s referral link, but did not pass registration on the platform, and then clicked on your referral link and registered, this user will be assigned to you.

After registration, the referral is assigned to you forever and you can start receiving referral rewards from all his purchases.

Referral USDT are sent immediately to your referral account in the Cryptorobotics platform after a client attracted by you succeeds with the payment.

By clicking on the “Withdraw USDT” button in the “Referral program” tab you can fill in the form and order the withdrawal of USDT to external wallets (TRC-20) including cryptocurrency exchange wallets.

The referral USDT withdrawal takes up to 7 hours.

The minimum threshold for withdrawal is $25 (USDT).

The withdrawal fee is not charged.


If you have any questions regarding referral program contact us at:

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