Trading Bots for OKX Exchange by Cryptorobotics

The Cryptorobotics platform is an official partner of the OKX crypto exchange.

OKX Exchange has been integrated into the platform since 2019, allowing users to open and close deals using advanced tools from Cryptorobotics.

Cryptorobotics is a cryptocurrency platform that develops software to automate crypto trading.

Among the tools available for the exchange are smart orders (Stop Loss, Take Profit, Trailing), ladder smart orders for trading according to grid strategy, a trading terminal for manual trading, crypto signals, autofollowing, and OKX trading bots.

What is an OKX trading bot?

Trading bots for OKX are automated software programs designed to execute crypto trades on the OKX exchange. It trades via the Cryptorobotics interface 24/7. These tools are developed to assist traders in managing their crypto assets more efficiently and effectively.

Trading bots OKX can execute buy and sell orders automatically based on predefined criteria. This automation can help traders take advantage of market opportunities even when they are not actively monitoring the exchange.

Bots for OKX come with advanced trading tools such as Stop Loss, Take Profit, and Trailing Stop orders. These features help mitigate risks and maximize potential profits.

How to Set Up OKX Crypto Bot on the Cryptorobotics Platform

Several bots are available for trading on the OKX exchange through the Cryptorobotics platform. Among them are the Trade Holder, Cyberbot, and Optimus.


This OKX trading bot was specifically developed by the Cryptorobotics team for trading during sideways market movement. Its main advantage is making trades only during positive price fluctuations. It independently analyzes the market using various indicators, the RSI oscillator, and its dynamics.

If the RSI is between the range of 30 and 37 or between 50 and 55, it receives a signal to open a trade and starts trading.

Bots for OKX apply various strategies to conclude trades. When setting up the bot, users can choose algorithmic trade closure or use additional exit points such as Stop Loss and Take Profit.

Algorithmic Method:

  • First Strategy: If the RSI (Relative Strength Index) reaches 50, and there is already a certain profit, Optimus closes the deal. This is a safe option to preserve the profits you have already made.
  • Second Strategy: If the RSI rises to 60 and the user is guaranteed a minimum profit, the OKX trading bot will also close the deal to avoid risks.
  • Third Strategy: When the RSI reaches 70 and the profit reaches a predetermined level, the deal is also closed to lock in the profits.

Stop Loss and Take Profit:

  • Take Profit: A specific profit level is set here, and when this level is reached, the deal is automatically closed to lock in the profits.
  • Stop Loss: This parameter is designed to minimize losses. If a trade becomes unprofitable and reaches the set loss level, the trading bot for OKX automatically closes it to avoid further losses.

The Optimus bot is available in the PRO package Expert, it is available without a subscription to Profit Sharing, or you can subscribe to it.


Cyberbot is a trading bot OKX that only trades during an ascending trend. It uses a series of indicators, such as Moving Averages (MA4, MA9, MA20), and the RSI oscillator. Its main advantage is that it never enters counter-trades, minimizing risks during cryptocurrency trading.

For entering a trade, the OKX trading bot uses the following strategies:

  • MA4 is moving upward and crosses the MA9 and MA20 lines.
  • MA4 intersects with MA20 or when RSI shows positive changes.
  • MA4 is moving upward and crosses the MA9 line, and RSI reaches the level of 50 or when MA4 and MA9 are above MA20.

To exit a trade, the OKX bot uses the following strategies:

  • The deal is concluded automatically if MA4 crosses MA9 from top to bottom.
  • The trade is concluded when the profit level set in Take Profit is reached.
  • The trade is closed when losses reach the level set in Stop Loss.

Cyberbot aims to minimize risks and simplify the trading process for the user. This OKX trading bot, like Optimus, is included in the price of the PRO package Expert, or users can connect it via Profit Sharing or purchase a subscription to it separately.

Trade Holder

Trade Holder is a cryptocurrency bot designed to implement the long-term Buy&Hold strategy. It is suitable for crypto investors who prefer to buy cryptocurrency and hold it over an extended period.

This crypto trading bot for OKX independently analyzes the market and then automatically purchases the nine most promising coins. The robot’s goal is to lock in the profit from each coin and purchase it at the next positive market change. Until the profit is secured, the coin remains in the robot’s portfolio.

The crypto bot continuously monitors market fluctuations and adapts the portfolio according to trends, aiming to maximize profits for the investor.

It can be used under the profit-sharing payment system, and you pay only for a profitable trade.

How Does the OKX Trading Bot Work?

All OKX trading bots open and close orders based on trading strategies laid out by professional traders.

Bots can be connected to the OKX exchange via API keys, allowing them to automatically execute trades on behalf of the user.

OKX’s cryptocurrency bots provide trading management tools that help traders manage risks. These tools include stop-loss orders, which automatically trigger a sale if the price reaches a certain level. Also available to users is the take profit order, which activates upon reaching a set profit level.

Try the Bot in Demo Mode

If you have never used an OKX trading bot before, you can test it in demo mode. The bot will execute trades in real time without affecting your balance.

The robot can be tested on any available package, including the free one, for 14 days!

Advantages of the OKX Trading Bot from Cryptorobotics

  • 24/7 trading and market monitoring
  • The ability to test trading bots for the OKX exchange in demo mode
  • Precision in entering and exiting trades
  • Risk management using stop loss and take profit
  • No need to know the basics of crypto trading
  • Automated market analysis
  • The ability to trade both in a rising market and during a sideways movement

How to Launch a Trading Bot on OKX

  • Register on the Cryptorobotics platform
    Select the OKX cryptocurrency exchange
    Connect your API key to the platform
  • Log in to your account
  • Select the Algorithmic Trading section
    Then you will need to choose the Trading Robots tab and All Robots
  • Select the OKX trading bot
  • Configure the parameters of the selected bot
  • Click the Save button and start trading cryptocurrency


What do OKX trading bots do?

Trading bots automatically execute trades on behalf of the user based on pre-set rules and trading strategies, allowing for 24/7 market monitoring and trading.

Are OKX trading bots worth it?

Trading bots can be worth it for those who understand their functionality and limitations, as they can automate trading strategies and manage risks, potentially leading to profits.

Is OKX trading real or fake?

OKX is a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange platform offering real trading services.

Is OKX better than Binance?

Both OKX and Binance are well-established and reputable cryptocurrency exchanges, and each has its unique features, services, and fees. Choosing one depends on individual preferences and requirements.

Can you make money with OKX?

Yes, it is possible to make money through trading on OKX, but it involves substantial risk, and there is also a possibility of losing money.

Is OKX suitable for day trading?

Yes, OKX offers features and tools that can be beneficial for day traders.

Is OKX only for crypto?

Primarily, OKX is a platform for trading cryptocurrencies, but it might offer other services and features, such as futures and derivatives trading.

Is OKX safe for crypto?

OKX employs security measures to protect users’ assets, but users should also follow best practices for asset security.

Can you trade on OKX without KYC?

OKX has certain features available without KYC, but for full access to services and higher withdrawal limits, KYC verification is required.

Is OKX a broker?

OKX functions as a cryptocurrency exchange platform where users can trade various cryptocurrencies.

How many people use OKX?

The exact number of OKX users may vary, but it is considered one of the larger cryptocurrency exchanges, attracting millions of users globally.

Is OKX a P2P?

OKX offers P2P (peer-to-peer) trading services, enabling users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly with each other.

Is OKX the same as OKEx?

OKX is formerly known as OKEx; they are the same platform but have undergone rebranding.

Does OKX have its own token?

Yes, OKX has its native utility token known as OKB.

Can I buy Bitcoin from OKX?

Yes, you can buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on OKX.

How do I start an OKX trading bot?

To start an OKX trading bot, users typically need to register on the Cryptorobotics platform and OKX exchange, add APIs to the platform, select the desired bot, configure its settings, and activate it.

How do I stop trading bots on OKX?

Users can usually stop trading bots on OKX by navigating to the bot’s settings or dashboard and selecting the option to deactivate or stop the bot.

What is the rebalance bot in OKX?

The rebalance bot in OKX could refer to a bot designed to periodically rebalance a user’s portfolio to maintain a desired asset allocation.

What does the OKX app do?

The OKX app allows users to trade cryptocurrencies, monitor market data, manage their accounts, and access various features and services offered by OKX from their mobile devices

Tariffs and packages

Choose PRO PACKAGE or trade for FREE

FREE forever
  • Trading on 14 exchanges
  • 10 stop-limit orders
  • 2 OCOs
  • Technical analysis with saving templates on the chart
  • Analytical dashboard 30 days

Basic PRO

$ 19 for 1 month
  • Stop-Limit Orders unlimited
  • OCOs unlimited
  • Add your strategy: 1 bot
  • Analytical dashboard
  • Demo trading robots
  • Multiple accounts
  • Free package

Expert PRO

$ 79 for 1 month
  • 8 Spot robots
  • 3 Futures robots
  • Add your strategy: 5 bots
  • Cryptorobotics trading chanels
  • Cryptorobotics Autofollowing chanels
  • E-trading Copytrading chanels
  • Basic package

Signals PRO

$ 79.05 for 1 month
  • Trading on 14 exchanges
  • 10 Signals channels:
    - Cryptorobotics
    - Cryptoleks
    - Bitmind
    - Al Alpha
    - E-Trade
    - Jumper Stars
    - Flash Signals
    - Easy Trade
    - Kuresofa
    - Cryptosegnali
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