Open API for your strategy


We are excited to invite you to automate your trading strategies on the Cryptorobotics
platform and expand your audience – even more people will share with you the income
from your strategy

We offer

Trading robots

- fully automated solution
- demo mode for testing
- simple settings
- user-friendly interface

Signals autofollowing

- fully automated solution
- make settings just once
- all signals will be entered automatically
- analyst provides signals, robot enters them


- service broadcasts the trader’s operations
- just connect API key with required balance
- all trades are made by the analyst
- trades are copied in proportions to the trader’s balance


- semi-automated solution - enter signals from a single interface
- choose targets on a chart
- monitor your profits from one place

Telegram signal collector bot

If you manage your Telegram signal channel, we offer you to expand your audience and automate the process of opening trades based on your signals. With our solution, the user does not need to go to the exchange and manually input all the parameters. Just two clicks are enough, and the trade on the signal will be placed automatically on our platform.

Terms and financial model of interction

1. Subscription model

1st month – testing on a hidden release

2nd and 3rd months – release of successful tools. Subscription price = your price + 20% referral payments. You get 100% from sales

4th+ months – subscription price = your price + 20% referral payments + 10% to Cryptorobotics

2.Profit sharing

a system for distributing profits from trading results based on the selected period

You specify:

  • your % from users’ trades
  • expected profit % of your strategy
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