Chief Operating Officer at Cryptorobotics

Alina Sattarova

Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Cryptorobotics LLC

Alina Sattarova is the Chief Operating Officer at CryptoRobotics and an expert in the field of cryptocurrencies and financial technologies. She has extensive experience in business development, project management, and marketing, which enables her to contribute significantly to the innovative trends in the industry. Alina’s professional journey reflects a deep understanding of digital technologies and strategic thinking, making her a leading authority in the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies and FinTech.


Alina Sattarova graduated from Kazan State Financial-Economic Institute with a specialization in finance and economics. She started her professional journey in 2008 at “Tattelecom” as a marketing specialist. In 2011-2012, she worked as a lead marketing specialist at “MTS” and then moved to LLC BarsGroup as a marketing manager. In 2012, she became the Chief Marketing Officer at the “M-7” Industrial Park. Later, at Pulsar Venture, Alina held the position of Head of Corporate Communications. Since 2017, Alina has been working at CryptoRobotics OÜ. She initially joined as the Head of Marketing and Business Development and was later promoted to the position of Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder in 2021.

Participation in Conferences

Alina Sattarova is an active participant in numerous international conferences and seminars related to cryptocurrencies and financial technologies. She is recognized as an expert and speaker in the field of digital currencies, blockchain, and marketing strategies in FinTech. By sharing her knowledge and experience, she contributes to the expansion of knowledge and professional network in this rapidly developing field. Her participation in such events underscores her role as a leading professional in the industry.

Present Time

Alina Sattarova is currently holding a leadership position at CryptoRobotics OÜ. Along with this, she actively manages an author’s blog on the Cryptorobotics platform. Her articles cover valuable insights and perspectives on cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies, and FinTech strategies. Her publications help readers to expand their knowledge of the latest trends and innovations in the world of digital currencies. Alina is also an author and speaker of an educational course on cryptocurrencies that aims to educate and inform a wider audience about the basics and trends in this rapidly evolving area

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