How to start Copy Trades on Binance Futures with E-Trade Futures on Cryptorobotics

Copy trading on Binance Futures

In the world of cryptocurrencies, copy trading is quickly gaining popularity as an effective way of trading for new and experienced traders. One of the brightest representatives of this trend is the E-TRADE FUTURES channel, specializing in trading the BTC/USDT pair and available through the Cryptorobotics platform.

This channel offers a unique opportunity for users to participate in trading on one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges – Binance Futures, using advanced strategies and technologies. In this article, we will analyze E-TRADE FUTURES, evaluate its functionality, and advantages, and provide information about all the possibilities during crypto trading.

What is Copy Trading?

Copy trading is a mirror or social trading, in which a copy trader (user) copies the transactions of experienced traders (lead traders). This allows beginners to avoid the complexities of market analysis and making complex trading decisions, entrusting this work to professionals.

How does Copy Trading work?

Copy trading involves automatically or manually copying transactions of experienced traders to your accounts, thereby duplicating their trading strategies and operations. This process begins by selecting the trader whose trades the user wants to copy, based on the trader’s success history and overall performance. This way, newbies and less experienced market participants can profit by following proven and successful strategies without having to dive deep into market analysis.

History of copy trading

The history of copy trading began long before the widespread spread of the Internet when traders exchanged strategies using printed publications. With the development of digital technologies, information exchange has moved to the online space, including chat rooms and forums. In 2005, the Mirror Trader system was developed by Tradency, which provides the ability to automate the process of copying transactions. This event laid the foundation for the further development of copy trading, which became especially popular in the 2010s, in particular with the launch of the CopyTrader function by eToro in 2012. Today, copy trading is actively used on many cryptocurrency exchanges, including Cryptorobotics.

How to copy trading differs from mirror and social trading

Copy trading allows investors to automatically copy a selected trader’s trades into their account, allowing them to directly follow their trading activities. Mirror trading, unlike copy trading, involves copying an entire investment strategy, not limited to single transactions. Social trading emphasizes the sharing of knowledge and experience between traders through social platforms, allowing them to share strategies and tips, but does not necessarily entail automatic copying of trades.

FunctionFoundationFocusUser ParticipationAccess to StrategyAutomationGoal
Copy tradingCopying dealsOn individual dealsDirect copying without interactionNoHighReplicating success
Mirror tradingCopying strategiesOn comprehensive strategiesChoosing a strategy to copy tradesYesHighIntegration into own operations
Social tradingSharing experience and ideasOn communication and learningInteraction, discussion, learningNot requiredLow or absentEnhancing knowledge and skills


E-TRADE Futures is a copy trading channel available on the Cryptorobotics platform, offering users the opportunity to trade futures by automatically copying the trades of an experienced trader. This tool expands the investment and trading capabilities of Cryptorobotics users, allowing them to use strategies developed by a professional trader. As a result, users do not need to analyze the market or develop complex trading strategies themselves. The E-TRADE Futures copy trading channel is designed for trading futures on the Binance Futures exchange by automatically copying trades.

Cryptorobotics users can easily subscribe to the E-TRADE Futures channel by selecting it from the list of available copy trading channels in the platform interface. Once subscribed, trades in the E-TRADE Futures channel will be automatically duplicated in their account. These trades are executed by pre-set risk and capital parameters. Copy trading is suitable for both novice and experienced traders, as the tool allows for passive income generation and time-saving. Users can set risk management parameters to reduce risks, making copy trading on Cryptorobotics an attractive option for various investor categories.

This approach to trading allows Cryptorobotics platform users to benefit from the dynamically changing crypto futures market, relying on the experience and professionalism of leading traders.

How does E-TRADE Futures work?

Copy trading on the Cryptorobotics platform operates on the principle of automatic copying of the trading operations of an experienced trader to the accounts of subscribers. This allows users, even those with limited trading experience, to benefit from the strategies of professional traders. Here’s how it works:

  • Choosing a Trader for Copying: Users start by examining the list of traders available for copy trading on the Cryptorobotics platform. Traders are typically ranked by various indicators, including overall profitability, risk level, number of subscribers, and trading history. This allows users to assess the potential effectiveness and risk associated with copying each trader’s operations.
  • Automatic Copying of Trades: After the launch, all trades of the selected trader are automatically copied to the user’s account following the established parameters. This means that when the trader opens or closes a position, similar operations are automatically performed on the subscriber’s account, proportional to the capital allocated for copy trading.
  • Monitoring: Users can view the current state of their investments at any time.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Cryptorobotics provides detailed analytics and reports on the performance of copy trading, including profit/loss on copied trades, comparison of different traders’ effectiveness, and the account’s profitability dynamics.
  • Copy Trading Channel Cost of E-TRADE Futures: The commission for copy trading E-TRADE Futures on Cryptorobotics is 25% of profitable trades. This means that when a user makes a profit from trades made through the E-TRADE Futures copy trading channel, the platform charges a quarter of that profit for using the service. This payment model allows users to pay only for successful trades, making the use of copy trading more attractive and fair.
  • Copy Trading: Advantages and Disadvantages of E-TRADE Futures: The advantages of copy trading include the ability to trade without experience, the automation of the trading process, and the potential for passive income. However, among the disadvantages are the need to pay for expert services and the lack of guarantees that a trader’s past results will be repeated in the future.

E-TRADE Futures Copy Trading Channel Statistics

To view the statistics of the Copy Trading channel on the Cryptorobotics platform, follow this process:

  • Access to Copy Trading Functionality: Go to the algo trading tab on the Cryptorobotics platform. Here, all the necessary information about the available copy trading channels is collected.
  • Viewing Channel Information: In the copy trading section, you can see the number of subscribers, the number of orders, the average monthly profit for each channel, as well as the cost of a monthly subscription.
  • Detailed Channel Statistics: For more detailed information, click the “View Statistics” button. In the window that opens, information about the minimum balance required for the correct functioning of copy trading on this channel will be available, as well as a profitability chart of trades.
  • Using a Separate Account: It’s important to have a separate exchange account for each copy trading channel, where no other trades are made and no other algotrading tools are connected.
  • Analyzing Trader’s Trades: You can review each trade made by the trader with a one-day delay, as well as view copied trades and your own statistics on them if you have already launched the channel.
  • Details of Trades and Positions: This section provides information on each trade, including the pair used, the number of coins, the trade volume in dollars, the average price, and profit. You can also expand a specific position and view information on individual orders.

Copy Trading: Advantages and Disadvantages of E-TRADE Futures

The advantages of copy trading include the ability to trade without experience, automation of the trading process, and the potential for passive income. However, the disadvantages include the need to pay for expert services and the lack of guarantees that past results of a trader will be repeated in the future.

How to Start Using Copy Trading on the Cryptorobotics Platform?

To start using copy trading on the Cryptorobotics platform, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the Cryptorobotics trading platform and complete the registration process.
  • Select the AlgoTrading section and then the CopyTrading option.
  • Subscribe to one of the professional traders’ channels, to whom you would like to entrust the copying of trades.
  • Launch CopyTrading, following the instructions on the platform.

In addition to the main steps, it is also recommended to familiarize yourself with the basic steps of working on the platform, including integrating the exchange’s API key and choosing a suitable PRO package, which may include additional features and tools that enhance the trading process and expand the possibilities of copy trading.

It is important to remember that to copy trades in each channel, a separate account should be used, on which no other trading operations are conducted and which is not linked to other algo trading tools. This ensures the purity of the experiment and the correct copying of the master trader’s trades.

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