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In recent years, the cryptocurrency market has attracted more and more attention from investors and traders due to its dynamism and potential for high returns. In this context, trading signals are becoming a key tool for successful trading, helping users optimize their operations and minimize risks. Cryptorobotics platform offers an innovative solution for cryptocurrency trading – an E-Trade service, that promises traders not only up-to-date signals but also comprehensive analytical support. In this article, we will conduct a detailed review of crypto signals from E-Trade and evaluate their efficiency, availability, and potential to increase the investment portfolios of our readers.

Definition of E-Trade Crypto Signals

E-trade crypto signals are recommendations or instructions to users on when and at what price to enter or exit a trade in the cryptocurrency market.  These signals are available on the Cryptorobotics platform and are implemented automatically without the need to set any parameters. E-trade signals are typically generated by analyzing market data, including price trends, trading volume, and other technical indicators. E-Trade can provide the following types of signals

  • Input signals – determine the optimal price to enter a particular cryptocurrency.
  • Exit signals – indicate the best price to sell or close a position to either lock in profits or minimize losses.

Such signals can be particularly useful for both experienced and novice traders, as they help simplify the decision-making process in the rapidly changing cryptocurrency market.

How E-Trade Cryptocurrency Signals Work

E-Trade cryptocurrency signals offer users a unique approach to trading the cryptocurrency market based on a long investment strategy. This means that the signals focus on buying assets with the goal of their subsequent price growth, without offering sell or short positions.

Main features of E-Trade Crypto Signals

  • Asset selection: The signals are selected among the best coins, which are chosen based on thorough and quality market analysis. This ensures a higher probability of successful trades and minimizes risks.
  • Leverage recommendations: The E-Trade platform recommends using x1 leverage, which means trading without leverage. This allows traders to avoid the significant risks associated with high leverage and is suitable for those who prefer a more conservative trading style.
  • Risk Management: E-Trade advises traders not to invest more than 3% of their total funds in a single trade. This approach helps manage risk and prevents the loss of a significant portion of capital in the event of a failed trade.
  • Available Platforms: Signals are available for a number of platforms, including Binance and Bybit, for both spot and futures trading.

By using E-Trade signals, traders can take advantage of long-term strategies in the cryptocurrency market by making decisions based on proven and reliable analysis. This not only allows them to target profits but also makes the trading process more predictable and manageable.

E-Trade Crypto Signals Interface on the Cryptorobotics Platform

To analyze the E-Trade crypto signals interface on the Cryptorobotics platform, the user should go to the ALGOTRADING section and select the Trading on Signals tab. This interface provides detailed information about the available signals, as well as various parameters and statistics. The following information can be found here:

  • Crypto Exchanges: Signals are available for different exchanges, including Binance, Binance Futures, Bybit, and others, giving users flexibility in choosing a trading platform.
  • Signal Statistics: Total statistics are provided with 537 signals, of which 432 were successful. This gives an insight into the effectiveness of E-Trade signals.
  • Average Monthly Profit for the Whole Period: 20.1% indicates how much percentage this channel earns in average monthly during the whole period of operation.
  • Average Trade Profit for the Last Month: 18.2% shows the percentage this channel earned during the last month.
  • E-Trade Crypto Signals Subscription: Users can see how much it costs to subscribe to the signals for $19 per month.
  • View Statistics: Provides a detailed look at the history and performance of past signals.

The E-Trade Cryptocurrency Signals interface allows users to easily manage and track signals for trading on various cryptocurrency exchanges. Easy access to information and the ability to make quick decisions make the platform easy to use for both novice and experienced traders.

How to View Statistics of E-Trade Crypto Signals

To view detailed statistics of E-Trade crypto signals on the Cryptorobotics platform, users should click on the “View Statistics” button. This will open an interface that provides comprehensive information to gain a deeper understanding of the effectiveness and activity of the signal channel.

Chart with the ratio of crypto signals: The total number of signals, successful and unsuccessful ones are available here. The chart also shows the signals that are still active or in the process of execution.

  • Dynamics of signals profitability on the chart: The chart shows the dynamics of signals profitability growth over the last 504 days.
  • Percentage of targets reached: Different targets of signals (T1, T2, T3, etc.) are presented. This data helps to evaluate which categories of signals are most successful in meeting their goals.
  • Average Profit: For each signal target, the average profit is also shown, which ranges from 4.07% to 211%, allowing users to see the profitability potential of each signal category.
  • Signal Frequency: The chart shows how many signals per day have been issued over the past months, giving an idea of the channel’s activity.
  • These detailed statistics provide all the information needed to analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of E-Trade signals, allowing users to make informed choices about subscribing and using these signals in their trading.

Users can also view detailed information about active signals and signal history.

E-Trade Crypto Signals Support Exchanges

E-Trade crypto signals support a wide range of exchanges, allowing users to diversify their trading and use the signals in different trading conditions. Here is the list of exchanges supported by E-Trade crypto signals:

  • Binance is one of the largest and most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, offering a wide range of trading pairs. Besides, Cryptorobotics users can utilize the best algotrading tools including crypto trading bots, auto-following, etc.
  • Binance Futures – a platform for trading cryptocurrency futures contracts on Binance, allowing users to speculate on future price changes.
  • Bybit is another popular platform known for its spot and futures markets.
  • Bybit Spot – Spot trading on Bybit, where traders can buy and sell cryptocurrencies for fiat or other digital currencies.
  • Demo Futures and Demo Spot are demo platforms that allow traders to practice trading signals without the risk of losing real money.

Using such a variety of platforms ensures that E-Trade users can trade in different market conditions and on different platforms, greatly increasing their flexibility and ability to adapt to changes in the market.

Pricing and Packages

The subscription to E-Trade’s cryptocurrency signals channel costs $19/month. However, if users intend to use multiple tools for crypto trading, they can buy a subscription to one of the plans:

  • Expert PRO for $79/month: Includes robots for futures trading, the ability to create up to five robots with custom strategies, multiple account management, smart orders, auto-sequencing, and an analytics dashboard.
  • Signals PRO for $79.05 for one month (discounted from $170): Offers trading on 14 exchanges and access to 10 signal channels, including Cryptorobotics, CryptoIeks, and E-Trade, to enhance trading capabilities across multiple platforms.

Both packages focus on enhancing and optimizing the user’s trading experience by providing additional tools and access to advanced features.

Device support 

E-trade trading signals are available to users on all types of devices. You can use these signals through the web version, which is suitable for use on computers and laptops. A mobile version optimized for tablets and smartphones is also available. In addition, there is a mobile app for Android, which allows you to receive and use the signals anywhere and anytime. This provides flexibility and accessibility to trading, allowing traders to react quickly to market changes from any device.

Benefits of E-Trade Crypto Signals 

E-Trade Crypto Signals offers a number of benefits that make it a popular choice among cryptocurrency traders:

  • Accessibility across devices: Signals are available through the web version, Android mobile app, and mobile version, providing ease of use on any device at any time.
  • Multiple Exchange Support: E-Trade offers signals for a variety of popular platforms, including Binance and Bybit, increasing trading opportunities for users.
  • Trade Optimization: Signals are based on advanced algorithmic analysis to help identify the most promising entry and exit points.
  • Increased efficiency: The system automatically monitors and analyzes market conditions, offering signals at optimal times, increasing the probability of successful trades.

How to Start Using E-Trade on the Cryptorobotics Platform

To start using E-Trade cryptocurrencies on the Cryptorobotics platform, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the official Cryptorobotics website and create an account by filling in the required information.
  • Confirm your account by email.
  • Choose an appropriate plan that provides access to E-Trade cryptocurrencies. It can be a separate subscription to the channel or purchase one of the plan packages.
  • After activating your subscription, go to the Trading on Signals section and activate E-Trade’s cryptocurrency signals.

By following these steps you will be able to effectively use E-Trade crypto signals to trade on the Cryptorobotics platform, which will help improve your trading strategy and increase your chances of success.

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