DeFi in 2024: 8 projects worth paying attention to

DeFI projects

DeFi projects are cryptocurrency projects that are related to the decentralized financial sector. They provide products and services based on blockchain technology, without the involvement of intermediaries such as banks and other organizations, allowing users to control their own assets.

DeFi projects offer a variety of products and services, such as credit protocols, decentralized exchanges (DEX), payment networks, and much more. Participants in these projects can use analogs of traditional financial services, but transactions and interactions are conducted using digital money.

Experts believe that DeFi projects have great potential for future development. This sector continues to evolve actively, with new cryptocurrencies emerging and existing ones being improved. The majority of DeFi projects are created on the Ethereum blockchain, which is an ideal platform for building decentralized applications.

List of the top 8 DeFi projects for 2024

As we have already mentioned, the decentralized finance sector continues to actively develop, and in 2023, numerous DeFi projects have emerged that can offer new products and services on the blockchain. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Love Hate Inu is a project designed for conducting voting that could become popular among various communities.

DeeLance is a platform designed for finding remote work and can make life easier for freelancers and employers.

Ecoterra is an environmental project that helps companies and activists fight environmental issues and improve the ecological situation.

FightOut is a DeFi project for sports enthusiasts that can attract a target audience and offer new opportunities for the fitness industry.

RobotEra – a unique project offering a multiverse, which can appeal to gaming and science fiction enthusiasts.

IMPT – a “green” project offering compensation for damage caused by emissions, which can attract the attention of environmentally conscious investors.

Dash 2 Trade – an analytical crypto platform project that can help traders make decisions and facilitate trading.

Tamadoge – a crypto game project with NFT that can be interesting for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and gamers.

Love Hate Inu

Love Hate Inu is a new DeFi project worth paying attention to. The crypto platform offers a unique concept of Vote 2 Earn – “vote to earn”. This project is the first in its segment to bring the theme of online surveys into the world of blockchain.

The key advantage of Love Hate Inu is the ability to vote in various areas such as politics, sports, the entertainment industry, and others. To vote, users must purchase the project’s token and stake it for 30 days.

Love Hate Inu has enormous potential due to the large market of online surveys. Additionally, the platform boasts high reliability and provides anonymity in voting, eliminating any possible cases of fraud.

During the presale, 90% of the tokens will be distributed among users, while the remaining 10% will be used for listing and platform services. Currently, the cryptocurrency is in the presale stage, allowing users to purchase it at a favorable price.

The project has numerous advantages worth noting:

Innovative integration of online surveys into the crypto industry, giving users the ability to not only earn but also stay up to date on the latest news and trends in the cryptocurrency market.

Participation in polls on various topics, allows users to express their opinions and influence important decisions.

The opportunity to earn money through surveys and investments makes the project attractive to various categories of users.

The ability to add their own surveys and make deals with large companies, which contributes to the further development of the project and the expansion of its functionality.


Ecoterra is a promising DeFi project that deserves attention from those who follow environmental trends in the financial sphere. The main idea of the project is to support environmentally responsible companies and individual entrepreneurs in recycling raw materials and reducing harmful emissions into the environment.

Ecoterra operates on blockchain technologies and offers a unique ecosystem that includes a range of tools aimed at solving environmental problems. In addition, users can earn money on the project by investing their funds in environmentally friendly projects and receiving dividends for their contributions.

If you want to invest in an environmentally-focused project while earning profits, Ecoterra can be an excellent choice. The project has already gained support from many environmental organizations and plans to continue its development in the future.

The project has many advantages that are worth highlighting:

  • The use of blockchain technology provides transparency and security to users.
  • The ecosystem offers various tools to solve environmental problems, such as waste reduction and carbon footprint tracking.
  • Users can invest in eco-friendly projects and earn dividends for their contributions.
  • Ecoterra supports environmentally responsible companies and entrepreneurs in their efforts to reduce harmful emissions and recycle raw materials.
  • The opportunity for enterprises engaged in waste processing to earn income;
  • The ability to receive cryptocurrency for participating in environmental events and campaigns;
  • Compensation for reducing harmful emissions into the environment.

These advantages indicate that the project is aimed not only at earning profits but also at creating a cleaner and healthier environment. As a result, project participants can not only generate income but also contribute to the preservation of our planet. The project encourages participants to engage in more responsible and environmentally friendly actions that can have a positive impact on the entire ecosystem.

In addition, by using cryptocurrency in the project, participants gain greater flexibility and freedom in their actions, which makes the project even more attractive to different users.


FightOut is a unique project aimed at users who are interested in their health and physical fitness. It offers a unique way to motivate people to exercise – cryptocurrency rewards. Participants can choose from a variety of exercises suitable for different fitness levels.

One of the key advantages of the project is the “train to earn” principle. Each user can choose their own set of exercises to perform to earn cryptocurrency. Users can perform exercises not only in a special gym but also at home, making the project even more convenient.

One important feature of the FightOut project is its mobile application, which allows participants to access the platform anytime and anywhere. Additionally, the FightOut platform features a marketplace where users can purchase goods and services related to a healthy lifestyle.

In the future, the FightOut project plans to expand its functionality by providing users with the ability to create their own virtual training spaces and participate in the creation of a metaverse. Offering even more opportunities for developing a healthy lifestyle and earning cryptocurrency.

The project has several significant advantages, including:

  • a focus on a healthy lifestyle
  • motivation for active sports
  • opportunity to earn income during workouts
  • access to the web3 virtual gym


RobotEra is a unique crypto project that brings together users from different worlds into a shared virtual space. In this project, gamers control robots, build objects, and realize their creative ideas. Additionally, this project allows users to earn within the game, invest in the TARO token, and trade NFT items. Users can improve their characters, sell in-game items, and join NFT communities. RobotEra is a popular project among various user categories thanks to its unique features and the metaverse in which it exists.

Among the advantages of this cryptocurrency project are:

  • bringing together participants into a shared multiverse of virtual worlds;
  • multiple ways to earn income, including through in-game earnings, trading, and cryptocurrency investments;
  • the ability to realize creative ideas on the Taro planet;
  • the high potential of RobotEra, which is driven by the growing popularity of metaverse projects.


IMPT is a decentralized cryptocurrency linked to environmental technologies that offer a platform for transparent transactions with carbon credits, the sale of environmentally friendly goods, and an opportunity to earn NFTs. The project is aimed at reducing harmful emissions and compensates for the use of green technologies. To purchase IMPT tokens, a card, a crypto wallet, and ETH or USDT coins are required. IMPT is attractive to a wide range of users, including buyers, private investors, and large brands, and provides an opportunity to contribute to improving the environment.

One of the main advantages of the project is the opportunity to profit from investing in green technologies. The IMPT platform provides a reliable and transparent environment for trading carbon credits, which increases the level of trust among project participants. Another important advantage of IMPT is the compensation for reducing harmful emissions, which allows companies and investors to contribute to improving the environmental situation. Furthermore, the IMPT project collaborates with many brands, including more than 10,000 companies, which makes it even more attractive to investors and users.

Dash 2 Trade

Dash 2 Trade (Dash2Trade) is a project worth paying attention to for traders and investors. It is based on an analytical platform that enhances trading efficiency and can be useful for both novice and experienced users.

Users who own D2T tokens have access to all platform tools that help analyze new cryptocurrencies at the presale stage. This allows for making investment decisions and closing profitable deals.

The project was created by an experienced team of specialists, and its roadmap promises promising technologies. In the future, the platform will offer automated and social trading capabilities.

The D2T cryptocurrency has great potential due to the demand for effective analytics. This is an excellent opportunity for investors to invest in a profitable DeFi project.

The platform has several advantages, including:

  • Access to presale cryptocurrencies
  • Analytical tools for investment decisions
  • Automated and social trading capabilities
  • A professional team of specialists
  • A promising roadmap for future development.
  • Advanced analytical tools for traders and investors.
  • Access to new cryptocurrencies during presales for users holding D2T tokens.
  • The future addition of automated and social trading features.
  • Experienced team of specialists behind the project with a promising roadmap.
  • High potential for the D2T cryptocurrency due to the demand for effective analytics.
  • This is a great opportunity for investors to invest in a profitable DeFi project.

The project was created by an experienced team of specialists, and its roadmap includes promising technologies. In the future, the platform will have the capability for automatic and social trading.

The D2T cryptocurrency has great potential, thanks to the demand for effective analytics. This is an excellent opportunity for investors to invest in a profitable DeFi project.

The platform has several advantages, including the following:

  • Helps to increase trading efficiency.
  • Owners of the D2T token gain access to all platform tools, enabling analysis of new cryptocurrencies during pre-sale and making profitable investment decisions.
  • The project was created by an experienced team of specialists and has a promising roadmap that includes the development of automatic and social trading.
  • Investors can invest in this DeFi project and benefit from its efficient analytics.


Tamadoge is a gaming DeFi platform with an NFT game where the main character is a virtual dog. The project provides a unique opportunity to grow a pet and prepare it for battles. Victories in battles earn players points that are displayed on the leaderboard. Each month, rewards in the project’s cryptocurrency are awarded to the top participants.

Tamadoge offers the opportunity to trade without commission using a special marketplace for purchasing in-game items. The proceeds from the sale of items go towards creating the game’s prize pool.

The project has great potential due to the popularity of gaming in the DeFi segment. Tamadoge plans to develop the metaverse and implement virtual reality technologies. The TAM token is becoming of interest to both gamers and investors, opening up new prospects in the blockchain gaming industry.

Advantages of Tamadoge include:

  • Earning variability: gaming tournaments, NFT trading, and investing;
  • No commission within the platform;
  • Ambitious plans for the future, such as creating a metaverse, virtual reality, and a special application.

What are DeFi projects?

For newcomers to the cryptocurrency market, the question of what DeFi projects are may be of interest. In simple terms, these are projects in the field of decentralized finance, where transactions between users are carried out without the involvement of a third-party intermediary. This can be related to trading, lending, investing, crypto games, and other types of activities.

Most DeFi projects are built on the Ethereum blockchain, which is due to the capabilities of this network. Smart contracts are a key technology used in decentralized platforms, which continues to contribute to the development of the DeFi space.

Decentralized projects eliminate paper bureaucracy and intermediaries, providing entrepreneurs with new opportunities and making starting a business in DeFi more accessible than in traditional ways. The first decentralized project can be considered MakerDAO, which was launched in 2017 and provided loans in DAI tokens using Ethereum as collateral.

To function properly, DeFi projects require the following components:

  • Blockchain, which provides decentralization and transaction security;
  • Digital coins or tokens used as a means of exchange or investment;
  • Wallet, which allows storing, sending, and receiving digital assets;
  • Smart contracts, which define the conditions of a transaction and automatically execute it upon meeting those conditions;
  • Stablecoins are digital assets tied to the value of fiat currency such as the dollar or euro.

Each of these components plays an important role in the functioning of the DeFi system. If you have an idea for such a project, you can turn to specialists who will help you implement it. Some companies specialize in developing projects in the field of decentralized finance.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Investing in DeFi Projects

Each project has its own pros and cons, and this principle also applies to the DeFi sector. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of this direction.

One of the main advantages of DeFi is decentralization, which means that transactions are carried out without the involvement of third parties. This also means no human intervention and increased transparency. In addition, compared to traditional methods, launching a project in DeFi is easier and does not require obtaining permission from banks and regulators.

However, there are also some drawbacks. In particular, investing in DeFi projects can be risky, and users may face high price volatility and unpredictable market fluctuations. In addition, vulnerabilities in smart contracts can lead to the loss of funds.

Therefore, making a decision to invest in DeFi projects should be based on a careful analysis of the risks and potential benefits.

How to choose a profitable DeFi project?

DeFi (Decentralized Finance) projects are an innovative approach to financial services that rely on blockchain technology and eliminate intermediaries. Compared to centralized financial systems, DeFi provides greater freedom and opportunities for participants, which is attracting increasing attention.

But how do you choose a profitable DeFi project for investment? Before investing money in any project, it is necessary to conduct an analysis and evaluate its potential.

The first criterion to consider is the age of the project. If a project has been on the market for several years, this indicates its stability and potential reliability. However, it is not advisable to ignore new projects that may offer unique innovative opportunities and show high growth potential.

Another important criterion is the presence of the project’s own token. This indicates the seriousness of the project and its growth potential. It is also necessary to pay attention to the technologies used. If a project uses new and promising technologies that simplify and optimize processes, this can be a good sign.

The cryptocurrency exchange rate is also a critical criterion. If the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency on which the project is based drops significantly and frequently, it may be a sign of risk. However, it is important to consider not only past performance but also analyze future trends to make the right choice.

The amount of investment and trading volume indicates the relevance of the project and its demand among users. It is necessary to study the project roadmap to evaluate its development prospects.

Remember that choosing a project to invest in is a serious step and requires an analytical approach and the ability to assess risks. Identifying a profitable DeFi project can be a challenging task, but with an analysis of all factors and a careful assessment of the project’s potential, it can be achieved.


DeFi projects are a direction in the crypto industry that provides the opportunity to exchange cryptocurrencies, lend, and earn interest without using the services of banks and other intermediaries. This allows users to maintain confidentiality and save on fees, making DeFi more advantageous than traditional financial instruments.

One of the main advantages of DeFi is the use of smart contracts, which automate processes and guarantee their security. This also allows users to control their funds without transferring this responsibility to third parties.

However, due to the large number of DeFi projects, users often face the problem of choice. In this case, you can rely on various ratings and recommendations from experts. In addition, factors such as the age of the project, the presence of its own token, the technologies used, the dynamics of the cryptocurrency exchange rate, the volume of investments, and the trading volume of the project, as well as its development prospects should be taken into account.

When choosing a DeFi project for investment, caution and an analytical approach are required. However, a properly chosen project can become a profitable source of income, regardless of whether you prefer stability or are willing to take risks in search of promising innovations.


What is a DeFi project?

A DeFi project is a cryptocurrency project that operates on a decentralized network and provides services that were previously only available in centralized financial institutions, such as banks. Such projects allow users to participate in financial operations without the need to trust intermediaries with their funds.

What is DeFi in simple terms?

DeFi is a new type of financial ecosystem created on the basis of blockchain cryptocurrency technology. It allows users to conduct financial operations without the involvement of centralized financial institutions such as banks and to have full control over their funds. DeFi projects are decentralized and based on smart contracts, which makes them more transparent and secure.

What is an example of a DeFi project?

An example of a DeFi project could be Uniswap – a decentralized exchange that allows users to exchange various cryptocurrencies with each other. Uniswap uses smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain for the automatic processing of transactions and eliminates the need for intermediaries. Another example of a DeFi project is Aave – a platform for lending and borrowing cryptocurrency assets, which also operates based on smart contracts and without the need to involve a bank.

What is DeFi for beginners?

For beginners, DeFi is a new type of financial ecosystem based on blockchain technology, which allows users to conduct financial operations without intermediaries. DeFi projects provide access to various financial services, such as lending, cryptocurrency exchange, storage, and management of digital assets. To get started with DeFi, you need to acquire cryptocurrency, create a wallet, and choose a suitable project that meets your needs and provides the necessary services.

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