Cyberbot Review on the Cryptorobotics Platform

Cyberbot - crypto trading bot

In an era of rapid technological advancement and the flourishing cryptocurrency market, automation is a crucial element of successful trading. Trading bots significantly impact this process, contributing to risk reduction and profit maximization for traders. Among the extensive range of tools, the unique Cyberbot crypto trading bot, presented on the Cryptorobotics platform, stands out. Let’s delve into its functionalities, analyzing the pros and cons to determine if it deserves your attention.

What is the Cyberbot Crypto Trading Bot?

Cyberbot is an automated crypto trading bot on the Cryptorobotics platform designed to execute trades on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Binance US, Bitfinex, Bybit Spot, EXMO, Gateio, HTX, Kraken, KuCoin, and OKX.

The best trading bot for crypto is aimed at efficiently conducting trades in the conditions of a growing market, avoiding opening orders against the current trend. This contributes to increased trading efficiency and safety. Allowing users to automate trading strategies, crypto bot trading adapts to current market trends, enhancing potential profits and reducing potential losses.

How the Cyberbot Crypto Trading Bot Works on the Cryptorobotics Platform

Identifying the starting points for trades is a crucial part of Cyberbot’s functionality. The procedure for determining these points is organized as follows:

  • Initial trading start point: Registered when the MA4 line double crosses upward over the MA9 and MA20 lines.
  • Second trading start point: Triggered by the intersection of the MA4 line with the MA20 line or positive RSI indicator dynamics.
  • Third trading start point: When the MA4 line crosses upward over the MA9 line, the RSI indicator is stable at the 50 level, or both MA4 and MA9 lines are above the MA20 line.

Regarding the completion points of a trading operation, a trading bot crypto provides various options:

  • Completion with algorithm consideration: Activated when the MA4 line crosses downward over the MA9 line.
  • Personal parameters: Traders can set Stop Loss and Take Profit parameters proposed by the bot’s algorithm or specify individual parameters to deviate from the suggested strategy.
  • Second completion point: Activated upon reaching the target profit level.
  • Third completion point: Activated upon reaching the loss limit level.

Cyberbot crypto trading bot is a fully automated and user-friendly tool, ensuring operation with minimal settings. Just specify the basic parameters, such as Stop Loss and Take Profit, and the bot will automatically execute the opening and closing of trades on your selected exchange.

Advantages of the Cyberbot Crypto Bot on the Cryptorobotics Platform

The benefits of the Cyberbot crypto bot on the Cryptorobotics platform include:

  • Algorithmic Trading Strategies: A crypto trading bot employs carefully crafted algorithmic strategies for trading based on the interaction of moving averages and RSI dynamics. This facilitates the identification of entry and exit points for trading transactions.
  • Risk Minimization: Due to its unique programmed logic, Cyberbot always avoids making trades counter to the current trend. This approach gives it high efficiency in a bullish market and helps reduce potential losses.
  • Trading Automation: crypto trading bot automates the trading process, freeing traders from the need for continuous market monitoring.
  • Ease of Use: With easy initial setup and a user-friendly interface, Cyberbot simplifies the trading process, making it straightforward and convenient for traders of varying experience levels.
  • Access on All Devices: A bot trading crypto can be initiated not only through the web version of the site but also through the Android mobile app. Additionally, a mobile version of the site is available, allowing traders to execute trades from anywhere in the world.
  • Multiple Exit Points: Cyberbot provides various options for completing trades, including algorithmic exits and the ability to set Stop Loss and Take Profit parameters.
  • Support for a Wide Range of Crypto Exchanges: The crypto trading bot is compatible with leading exchanges such as Binance, Kraken, and KuCoin, ensuring traders efficient and prompt management of their trades on selected trading platforms.

With these advantages, Cyberbot becomes a powerful tool for automated cryptocurrency trading on the Cryptorobotics platform, offering traders the opportunity to increase their income with minimal financial risks.

Cost of the Cyberbot on the Cryptorobotics Platform

  • Free ($0, forever): Offers 14 days of demonstration trading using the bot.
  • Basic PRO ($19, 1 month): Allows for demo trading and activation of the bot for real trading operations.
  • Expert PRO ($119, 1 month): Provides demo trading and enables the bot for real trading operations.

Each tariff option offers various functional features, including trading on different exchanges, the use of stop-limit orders, smart orders, and the ability to conduct technical analysis.

In addition to tariff options, there is the possibility of individually purchasing a subscription to the bot in the terminal for $11. The PRO packages come with additional features, making them more flexible and diverse solutions for traders.

How to Start Using the Cyberbot Crypto Trading bot on the Cryptorobotics Platform

To activate the Cyberbot trading bot on the Cryptorobotics platform, follow these steps:

  • Registration on Cryptorobotics: Sign up on the Cryptorobotics platform by creating your account.
  • Subscription Activation: Subscribe to the chosen tariff plan (Basic PRO or Expert PRO) to access the crypto trading bot and other platform features.
  • Generate API Keys: Generate API keys on your preferred cryptocurrency exchange and integrate your account into the Cryptorobotics system.
  • Selection and Customization of the Robot: Choose and customize the Cyberbot according to your personal trading preferences.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Utilize analytical tools to monitor and evaluate the results of your trading operations.

For detailed information on configuring and using a trading bot for crypto on the Cryptorobotics platform, it is recommended to refer to guides and video tutorials on the official Cryptorobotics website. Additionally, there is a video guide on setting up Cyberbot available on YouTube.

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