Cryptorobotics and Mindstreamers announce partnership!

Cryptorobotics and Mindstreamers

Cryptorobotics and Mindstreamers have announced their partnership. As part of this collaboration, the “Cryptocurrencies: User Manual” course developed by Cryptorobotics will now be available on the Mindstreamers platform.

This crypto course is available on the Mindstreamers platform on July 17th.

This cryptocurrency course is an express program specifically designed for beginners with limited knowledge in the field of digital money and information technology. The training aims to enable participants to learn how to buy, sell, and transfer Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies profitably, create two crypto wallets, master five methods of earning and generating passive income with cryptocurrencies, and acquire knowledge of digital security rules.

Cryptocurrency course participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of concepts such as Bitcoin, blockchain, DeFi, and NFTs. They will learn methods for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, how to create and securely store crypto wallets, and explore various investment options and passive income opportunities related to cryptocurrencies.

The speaker for the “Cryptocurrencies: User Manual” course is Alina Sattarova, an experienced professional in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. She holds leadership positions in major crypto platforms and has significant experience speaking at international conferences and forums.

What is Mindstreamers

Mindstreamers is a metaverse specializing in educational programs and skill development. It offers various courses designed by experts in various fields to help students and professionals expand their knowledge and succeed in their respective domains. The platform stands out with its roadmap, outlining the planned initiatives until 2024.

By harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology, MindStreamers revolutionizes the learning landscape, making it highly effective and enjoyable for learners of all ages. In MindStreamers Metaverse, content creators have the unique opportunity to craft immersive experiences that engage learners on a deeper level, fostering a more meaningful and impactful educational journey.

They adopt a new approach to learning, aiming to revolutionize traditional teaching methods. Many conventional methods rely solely on passive absorption, leading to a potential loss of up to 70% of the material learned. By incorporating training and knowledge application through gamified formats, they strive to increase retention by 50% and reintroduce the excitement of learning.

Overcoming language barriers in education is one of their primary goals. Mindstreamers seeks to make educational materials available in multiple languages by employing innovative approaches such as instant translation and localization. This way, they enable individuals who do not speak a specific language to participate in immersive educational experiences and overcome language-related limitations.

They strongly believe in the power of gamification in education. They aim to make learning a joyful and engaging experience that stimulates curiosity and active participation. By integrating gamified elements into their immersive educational experiences, they create a playful and interactive environment that encourages personal development and growth. Through gamification, Mindstreamers inspire a love for learning, motivating individuals to explore new subjects, acquire new skills, and overcome challenges.

Mindstreamers is dedicated to empowering individuals to unlock their full potential. They recognize that each person possesses unique talents, aspirations, and abilities. Their immersive educational experiences are designed to cater to diverse learning styles, allowing individuals to discover their strengths and interests. By providing personalized educational pathways, Mindstreamers strive to support individuals in their journey toward becoming the best version of themselves. They firmly believe everyone deserves the opportunity to unleash their full potential and lead a fulfilling and successful life.

What is Cryptorobotics

Cryptorobotics is a cryptocurrency trading automation platform that provides traders with tools to manage and optimize their trading strategies. It was created in 2018 and since has gained great popularity among traders.

Combining advanced technologies and algorithmic systems with an intuitive interface, Cryptorobotics allows both experienced traders and beginners to effectively manage their cryptocurrency investments. The platform offers a wide range of capabilities, including the creation of trading robots, real-time market monitoring, automated trading execution, and result analysis.

Users can trade without adjusting the tools as they come with predefined parameters. However, if desired, they also have the option to customize the tools to optimize their trading strategies. This enables adaptation to the individual needs and preferences of each trader.

Furthermore, traders have the ability to create and launch automated robots without any programming knowledge. They can then monetize these bots by adding them to the Cryptorobotics marketplace. These tools can automatically analyze the market, make decisions, and execute trades without constant monitoring.

Cryptorobotics also provides access to a wide range of cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing traders to choose and work with assets that best align with their trading strategies and goals. Additionally, the platform ensures the security and protection of traders’ data to ensure reliability and confidentiality when dealing with cryptocurrencies.

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