The most detailed cryptocurrency dictionary

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are becoming an increasingly popular topic in the world and have long gone beyond the crypto community. Moreover, the regulation and use of cryptocurrencies are discussed at the state level. Also, a huge number of people join the crypto community and try to understand the market trends. But to understand the market and all the phenomena associated with cryptocurrency, users need to understand the cryptocurrency terminology, so the Cryptorobotics team has compiled a cryptocurrency dictionary that will help new users get comfortable in the crypto industry. Here, users will find the basic concepts and terms in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies to make it easier to navigate.

Hard fork - is a way to make significant changes to the protocol code of a project created on the blockchain. Also, a hard fork can be used to launch new crypto projects or as a way to reach a consensus on new changes in the community.
HOLD - is a long-term strategy that provides a passive way of investing for a long time. In other words, investors simply buy a digital asset and wait for a long period of time for its value to rise in order to capitalize on the price difference.
Hot Wallet - is an online platform that is designed to store digital coins. Hot wallets can always be accessed from any device with Internet access.
Hybrid cryptocurrency exchanges - are cryptocurrency exchanges that combine all the advantages of decentralized and centralized exchanges. Crypto trading is carried out in the same way as on the CEX exchanges. Hybrid exchanges offer fast money transactions with low fees and provide users with high security since only the user has access to the private key.
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