The most detailed cryptocurrency dictionary

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are becoming an increasingly popular topic in the world and have long gone beyond the crypto community. Moreover, the regulation and use of cryptocurrencies are discussed at the state level. Also, a huge number of people join the crypto community and try to understand the market trends. But to understand the market and all the phenomena associated with cryptocurrency, users need to understand the cryptocurrency terminology, so the Cryptorobotics team has compiled a cryptocurrency dictionary that will help new users get comfortable in the crypto industry. Here, users will find the basic concepts and terms in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies to make it easier to navigate.

Take Profit - (TP) is a protective order that helps the trader to take profit when it reaches the set level.
Tokensale - is an initial sale of new startup coins at a price below the market price.
Trading leverage - is a loan of funds to increase the amount of one transaction by 2 or more times in order to obtain a higher income.
Trailing Stop Loss - (TSL) is a dynamic Stop Loss order that is able to follow price changes. In simple words, if the price rises, then the Stop Loss value will grow along with it by the same percentage.
Trailing Take Profit - (TTP) is a dynamically changing order designed to maximize profits. In simple words, this is the addition of an additional percentage to the Take Profit level.
Transactions - are monetary transactions that include the transfer, withdrawal, and deposit of funds to the account.
Two-factor authentication - is an additional layer of security that protects user accounts from being hacked. Even if attackers find out the account password, they will not be able to access it.
Tx Hash - is a hash or transaction identifier (TxID). It consists of alphanumeric characters and is a unique number to identify each transaction and look it up on the blockchain. Every transaction associated with a cryptocurrency has this identifier.
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