The most detailed cryptocurrency dictionary

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are becoming an increasingly popular topic in the world and have long gone beyond the crypto community. Moreover, the regulation and use of cryptocurrencies are discussed at the state level. Also, a huge number of people join the crypto community and try to understand the market trends. But to understand the market and all the phenomena associated with cryptocurrency, users need to understand the cryptocurrency terminology, so the Cryptorobotics team has compiled a cryptocurrency dictionary that will help new users get comfortable in the crypto industry. Here, users will find the basic concepts and terms in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies to make it easier to navigate.

ICO - (Initial Coin Offering) is a type of attraction of investments in a new project by selling a fixed amount of new digital coins. In the future, project tokens can be used to pay for platform services.
IDO - (Initial DEX Offering) is a model for attracting investments on a decentralized exchange, which is a collection of funds. In fact, this type of token sale is very similar to ICO, but the decentralized platform itself is engaged in attracting buyers.
IEO - (Initial Exchange Offering) is one of the types of token sales, similar to ICO, but the centralized exchange acts as an intermediary here.
Impermanent loss - is a temporary loss of funds that occurs due to the high volatility of digital assets when providing liquidity to the pool. The higher the volatility of the coins in the liquidity pool, the greater the losses. The non-permanent loss indicator is expressed in dollar terms and shows the loss compared to the HOLD strategy.
Inflation - is a process in which a currency depreciates and the prices of goods and services rise.
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