Copy Trading: What is TradeLink TLE3 mod?

Copy trading Review: Tradelink TLE3 mod

Copy trading has become one of the most popular ways of investing in the cryptocurrency market, allowing users to copy the trades of experienced traders in real-time. One of the interesting developments in this area is the TradeLink TLE3 mod from Cryptorobotics, which is a trend-following, breakout strategy focused on trading the ALT/USDT currency pair on the Binance Futures platform. This article provides an overview of this strategy, its features, and its advantages.

What is TradeLink TLE3 mod?

TradeLink TLE3 mod is a copy trading tool where crypto traders automatically replicate the trades of experienced traders on the Cryptorobotics platform. This method allows users to repeat the strategies of professional traders, applying them to their own trading accounts without the need for independent market analysis or decision-making on trades.

This solution is suitable for both beginners and those who cannot constantly monitor market fluctuations. Therefore, every trader can use the knowledge of more experienced market participants to increase their investments.

TradeLink TLE3 mod operates in automatic mode, and traders do not need to make changes to the settings, as all configurations are automatically copied by the copy trading system.

Copy Trading: How does TradeLink TLE3 mod work?

TradeLink TLE3 mod uses complex algorithms to analyze the market and identify the most promising entry and exit points from trades. The strategy is based on market trend changes and H4 timeframe data, allowing users to achieve a steady income without significant efforts in market analysis. Let’s take a closer look at how it works:

Trend and Breakout Strategy

The strategy focuses on trends and breakouts, allowing traders to earn on both rising and falling markets. Trading is conducted on the H4 timeframe, indicating a medium-term orientation. A medium-term strategy refers to strategies and operations developed and implemented to make a profit over a medium time frame, usually from several days to several weeks. Using the H4 timeframe (4-hour chart) in the context of the TradeLink TLE3 mod trading strategy on Cryptorobotics implies that market analysis and trading decisions are made taking into account data, each of which reflects market dynamics over a four-hour interval. This allows for consideration of more long-term trends and is less susceptible to market “noise” typical for shorter timeframes, such as minute or hourly charts.

This approach enables traders using TradeLink TLE3 mod to focus on more significant market movements and trends, minimizing the impact of short-term fluctuations and increasing the potential for realizing profit through accurate prediction of medium-term trends.

Risk Management

One of the key aspects of the strategy is strict risk management with the risk per trade limited to 0.2%. This reduces potential losses in case of unfavorable market movements.

Trading Long and Short Positions:

The strategy allows for both long and short positions, enabling profit regardless of the market trend direction.

Minimum Deposit:

A minimum deposit of 500 USDT is required to start using the strategy, making it accessible to a wide range of investors.

No Need for Manual Setup:

Since all operations are performed automatically, traders do not need to manually adjust the strategy settings. This provides convenience and saves time for users.

Thus, TradeLink TLE3 mod copy trading offers a convenient and efficient way for traders of all experience levels to automatically copy successful trading strategies, minimize risks, and aim for profitability in the cryptocurrency market.

The TradeLink TLE3 mod copy trading channel on the Cryptorobotics platform supports integration with the Binance Futures cryptocurrency exchange. This functionality allows users to automatically copy trading strategies optimized for futures contracts on one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges. Integration with Binance Futures occurs through a secure connection of API keys, giving users the ability to trade automatically based on pre-set strategy parameters without the need for personal intervention in the trading process. This makes TradeLink TLE3 mod an ideal tool for those looking to maximize their trading opportunities in the cryptocurrency market by leveraging the benefits of automated copy trading.

Cost of TradeLink TLE3 mod Copy Trading on Cryptorobotics

The cost of using the TradeLink TLE3 mod copy trading channel on the Cryptorobotics platform is based on a profit-sharing system. In this payment model, users pay for the service only if they make a profit from the trades executed with this tool. The commission is 50% of the profit generated from trading operations using the TradeLink TLE3 mod strategy.

This approach allows traders to start using copy trading with minimal financial risk, as payment occurs only after they begin to earn. This makes the service accessible to a wide range of investors, including both novice and experienced traders looking to increase their profits in the cryptocurrency market.

Copy Trading: Advantages and Disadvantages of TradeLink TLE3 mod


  • Low risk per trade (0.2%), making the strategy attractive for cautious investors.
  • Ability to trade both long and short, increasing chances of profit in various market conditions.
  • No risk of liquidation thanks to a well-thought-out risk management strategy.


  • The profit-sharing system takes 50% of each profitable trade, which may be considered a high commission for some users.

How to View the Statistics of the Copy Trading Channel on Cryptorobotics

To view the statistics of the TradeLink TLE3 mod copy trading channel on the Cryptorobotics platform, users should follow a few simple steps:

  • Log in to your account on the Cryptorobotics platform.
  • Go to the copy trading section, where a list of available copy trading channels is presented.
  • Find the TradeLink TLE3 mod channel among the options and click on it.
  • Detailed statistics will be available on the channel page, including historical profitability, number of trades, average profit and loss per trade, and other key performance indicators of the strategy.

These statistics help users decide to connect to the copy trading channel, assessing its past results and potential profitability. It also provides important data for monitoring the current effectiveness of the strategy, which is a key aspect of successful copy trading.

How to Start Using Copy Trading on the Cryptorobotics Platform?

To start using copy trading on the Cryptorobotics platform, follow these steps:

  • Registration on the Cryptorobotics platform: The first step is to create an account on the official Cryptorobotics website. Fill in the necessary details for registration.
  • Account verification: After registration, you need to verify your account using the link sent to your email.
  • Log in: After confirming your account, log in to your account on Cryptorobotics.
  • Connect a cryptocurrency exchange: To start copy trading, you need to connect your exchange account to Cryptorobotics. This is done by generating an API key on the exchange and entering it in the corresponding section on the Cryptorobotics platform.
  • Choose a copy trading channel: Go to the copy trading section on the platform and explore the available copy trading channels. Choose the one that matches your trading preferences and strategy.
  • Subscribe to the copy trading channel: After selecting a channel, subscribe to it, following the instructions on the platform. Various subscription conditions may apply, including a possible fee.
  • Set up copy trading parameters: Some copy trading channels allow you to adjust trading parameters, such as stop loss and take profit. Adapt these settings according to your risk preferences.
  • Monitor activity: After activating copy trading, start monitoring trading results through your account on Cryptorobotics. You will be able to track open trades, trading history, and the overall effectiveness of copying strategies.
  • Adjust the strategy: Depending on the results and market changes, you can adjust your copy trading settings or change the copy trading channel at any time to improve outcomes.

Starting to use copy trading on Cryptorobotics is a straightforward process that opens up opportunities for traders to automate their trading using the strategies of experienced crypto traders. Make sure you fully understand the terms and risks associated with copy trading before getting started.

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