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CEX.io is a crypto exchange that offers a fast exchange of digital assets, cryptocurrency trading in the spot market, and CFD trading. On this platform, traders can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, Cardano, Binance Coin, Bitcoin Cash, and dozens of other cryptocurrencies. In addition, trading in fiat currencies is available on the exchange, such as the dollar, euro, British pound, etc. The purchase/sale of cryptocurrency is carried out directly from a bank card. The exchange allows simplified investment in cryptocurrencies, lending, and a one-level referral program. Users can trade on the crypto exchange through the web version of the site or the mobile app. The amount of trading commissions depends on the volume of trades.


Crypto exchange СEX.IO was developed in London in 2013 and is the first provider of cloud mining. The exchange was the owner of one of the largest mining pools in the world, which was called GHash.IO.

After some time on the platform, it became possible to exchange digital assets for ordinary money, and the CEX.IO team decided to develop the platform as a full-fledged cryptocurrency exchange that provides all the necessary conditions for crypto trading.

In January 2015, the platform stopped providing cloud mining services and the exchange began to position itself as a full-fledged trading platform.

The exchange began to use fiat currencies. So, for example, in 2014, the dollar was added to the exchange, and in September of the same year, the euro was added. In 2016, the CEX.IO cryptocurrency exchange received a PCI DSS Level 2 certification, which allowed it to interact with the most popular payment systems.

In 2015, the exchange team also developed a mobile application. In 2016, the exchange’s users had access to the margin trading service and the affiliate program.

In the second half of 2017, there were 1 million users on the exchange.

Now CEX.IO is one of the most popular and multifunctional crypto exchanges, which provides its services in almost all countries of the world. The platform is officially registered in the UK and has MSB status with FinCEN in the US. CEX.IO is considered a legal platform that provides its services for trading and exchanging cryptocurrencies.

Registration on CEX.IO

The registration process on the exchange is very simple and does not require the user to specify additional information. All you need to provide is an email address and a unique password to secure your account. Users can also register on the exchange through social media. However, it is not recommended to link the platform account where the user will store his funds to social networks for security reasons.

To register on the exchange, the user needs to click on the registration button in the upper right corner, fill out the registration form, accept the terms of the agreement, click the checkmark in the captcha “I’m not a robot”, and confirm the email. The exchange will then prompt the user to verify their identity using two-factor authentication.

To pass verification, the user must perform the following steps:

  • Provide a document that confirms the identity (passport, driver’s license, etc.).
  • Take a photo with a document that identifies the person.
  • Provide a document that confirms the user’s residential address (utility bills, bank statement, etc.)

Important! All copies of documents must be of good quality and made no more than 3 months ago. Verification of documents takes about a day.

Two-factor authentication

The user can enable two-factor authentication to secure his account on the crypto exchange. To do this, he needs to choose one of the ways to get a temporary password to access his account:

  • Google Authenticator 
  • SMS

The most reliable way to protect your account on the CEX.IO exchange is Google Authenticator.

But if the user does not want to set up additional account protection, he can postpone the setting for a while or completely abandon it by clicking on Keep 2FA disabled.

How to replenish the balance on the CEX.IO exchange?

To work with the exchange, the user needs to replenish his balance. As we said earlier, the exchange works with both fiat money and cryptocurrency. You can replenish the balance on the exchange as follows:

  • Bank cards Visa/MasterCard.
  • Replenish the balance with any digital coin that is supported on the exchange.

The list of payment systems to which the user has access may vary depending on the level of verification.

To deposit funds to your balance, the user must go to his personal account in the Finance section, then go to the Balance tab and click Deposit. It is worth noting that the minimum deposit amount is set for each coin separately.

Here the funds on the exchange are carried out without commission. However, users need to keep in mind that banks through which the user replenishes their balance may charge transaction fees. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the conditions and commissions of the bank through which the user replenishes his balance on the exchange.

How to withdraw money from the CEX.IO exchange?

To withdraw funds from CEX.IO fiat accounts, you need to pass two-factor authentication. Then the user can use the same payment methods for withdrawing funds as for replenishing the balance:

  • USD can be withdrawn to Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer, or ACH payment system. The minimum withdrawal amount is $20.
  • Withdrawal of funds in EUR is carried out using Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer, or SEPA. The minimum amount that can be withdrawn is 20€.
  • Payment systems for withdrawing funds in GBP: Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer, and Faster Payments. The minimum withdrawal amount is £15.
  • RUB can only be withdrawn using Visa / Mastercard, and the minimum amount that can be withdrawn from the exchange account is 1200 rubles.

To withdraw digital assets, the user needs to specify the address of the crypto wallet and the transfer amount.

The minimum withdrawal amount depends on the digital asset:

  • Bitcoin – 0.01 BTC
  • Ethereum – 0.01 ETH
  • Litecoin – 0.1 LTC
  • Bitcoin Cash – 0.01 BCH
  • Dashboard – 0.1 DASH
  • Bitcoin Gold – 0.01 BTG
  • Gemini Dollar – 10 GUSD
  • Qash – 10 QASH
  • Ripple – 0.1 XPR
  • Stellar – 0.1 XLM
  • Zcash – 0.1 ZEC
  • Bitcoin SV – 0.01 BSV
  • OmiseGO – 10 OMG
  • #MetaHash – 5 MHC
  • The withdrawal amount is unlimited.
Fees on the CEX.IO exchange

Fees on the exchange depend on whether the user is a Maker/Taker and the trader’s 30-day trading volume. The fee for the maker is 0.16%, and for the taker – 0.25%, regardless of the currency pair.

Fees for depositing and withdrawing funds depend on digital assets and payment systems.

Types of earnings on the CEX.IO crypto exchange

  • Spot trading
  • Margin trading
  • Loan
  • Staking

How to trade on CEX.IO through the Cryptorobotics platform?

Cryptorobotics is one of the best and largest free cryptocurrency trading platforms that allows users to manage their crypto portfolio, use technical analysis and get instant notifications of market changes. Cryptorobotics supports 14 of the most popular crypto exchanges from a single interface, including CEX.IO, and provides traders with over 5,000 crypto pairs.

In addition, the platform offers a huge number of effective tools for manual and algorithmic cryptocurrency trading on CEX.IO. Among the top tools, we can distinguish the following:

Crypto trading bots

Crypto trading bots are algorithmic trading software developed on the basis of algorithms. Crypto bots can analyze price fluctuations in the market, as well as make decisions about opening and closing orders. They enter trades only with positive price fluctuations according to oscillators and indicators and exit them according to a predetermined algorithm. ‌


Autofollowing is an algorithmic tool that allows you to enter trades with the help of a crypto trading bot that follows the analyst’s signals. The AI bot processes the received signals, after which it starts entering trades.


Copytrading is an algorithmic trading tool that allows users of the platform to copy the trades of experienced traders. Using this function, the user of the platform does not just blindly copy trades but receives a ready-made strategy from a professional.

Crypto Signals

Crypto Signals are an algorithmic tool designed to enter trades according to an analyst’s forecast, which is based on data obtained during the analysis. The essence of the tool is that the analyst gives the trader information about possible profitable transactions on cryptocurrency exchanges. All orders are executed automatically according to the parameters set by the analyst.

OCOs, or Smart Orders 

This order type includes stop loss, take profit, and trailing. The function is designed to prevent risks and increase the chances of making a profit.

Ladder Smart Order 

This tool was developed for traders who use the grid strategy in their trading. The goal of this strategy is to profit from market fluctuations by placing buy and sell orders. That is, buy orders are placed automatically every time the price falls, and placed sell orders when it rises. It should be borne in mind that ladder smart orders are used during sideways movement in the market.

How to start trading on CEX.IO through the Cryptorobotics platform?

To start crypto trading on CEX.IO through the Cryptorobotics platform, the user needs to follow these steps:

  • Pass the registration process on the Cryptorobotics platform.
  • Create an account on CEX.IO.
  • Link an account to the Cryptorobotics trading platform.
  • Customize all the necessary functions for crypto trading.
  • Start trading.

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