Top 7 Promising Cryptocurrencies in 2024

Despite the fact that by the end of last year the cost of the main cryptocurrency dropped, 2021 as a whole turned out to be successful for the crypto market. During this time, Bitcoin has grown by 64%. At the same time, the coin set a historical maximum value at $69,000, and the capitalization of the entire sector for the first time exceeded $2 trillion in November. But does this mean that digital assets will continue to grow in value compared to fiat money this year? What dynamics to expect from the crypto market this year, and which crypto to invest in.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Despite the drawdown of Bitcoin at the end of 2021, this digital coin remains the leader in the world of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has existed in the crypto market since 2009 and has already proven its worth. It is one of the reliable cryptos to invest in. It is no longer possible to buy this cryptocurrency at a low price, so any drawdown in the value of BTC can be considered by investors as an opportunity to buy this digital coin at a lower price.

BTC is currently valued at $43,914.39, Bitcoin‘s market cap is $828,005,485,118, and the trading volume is $27,993,754,952 during 24 hours.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is one of the best cryptos to invest in and the second cryptocurrency in terms of capitalization after Bitcoin. The market cap of this digital coin is $377,855,502,904 and the trading volume is $28,207,246,654. Technologically, this cryptocurrency offers a wide range of applications. The main function is to automate the exchange. Ethereum smart contracts allow two parties to make a fast and secure transaction without intermediaries and also limit bureaucracy as much as possible. With this contract, you can both buy real estate and pay for dinner at a restaurant.

The creation of new business models and decentralized applications further strengthens the long-term growth potential of this cryptocurrency.

It is noted that due to the fundamental nature of the project and the excellent roadmap for 2022, as well as the important update of Ethereum to version 2.0, growth will continue next year.

According to experts, the forecast values ​​of the Ethereum cryptocurrency by the end of 2022 could be $8,000–10,000.

Cosmos (ATOM)

If you want to invest in crypto, Cosmos (ATOM) is considered one of the reasonable solutions. This blockchain is rightfully called “blockchain 3.0”. Cosmos is a cross-chain solution that allows all blockchains launched in the Cosmos ecosystem to interact both with each other and with external networks like Ethereum and Bitcoin. Today, the project is in the top 50, and its capitalization is more than $5 billion. More than 250 decentralized applications have already been launched on the Cosmos network. The capitalization of these applications exceeds $70 billion. Its infrastructure is used by Binance Smart Chain, Qredo, OKExChain.

The Cosmos cryptocurrency has no analogs, so it cannot be compared with anything else. The closest exception is Polkadot, which offers the creation of parachains on its own.

Experts believe that this ecosystem has excellent growth in the future, as the leading cryptocurrencies are already using this technology offered by the Cosmos project. Until the end of 2022, the price is projected to rise to the range of $40–50. 

Solana (SOL)

Solana was designed to maintain the DeFi, Dapps as well as smart contracts. Solana runs on a unique hybrid proof of stake (PoS) and proof of history (PoH) protocols that simplify the entire process of transactions and make them fast and secure. SOL is a token that was created to operate on Solana’s platform. The growth in the value of SOL began after participating in the first initial offering of coins (IСO) of the project in 2018. Then, Solana sold almost 80 million tokens. One token cost 4 cents. Now the value of the coin is $117.39. The market cap is $38,010,676,434 and trading volume is $2,500,219,132 for 24 hours.

SOL tokens give access to the Solana blockchain, which allows you to create decentralized programs – the so-called Dapps. Solana is faster than its well-known competitor Ethereum. It processes about 3187 transactions per second, and during peak periods – more than 65,000. 

Ethereum processes only 15 transactions per second, Bitcoin – five to seven. Solana creates one block of information in the network in 0.4 seconds, Ethereum in 10 seconds, and Bitcoin in 10 minutes. The commission that miners pay depends on the speed of work. Solana has a much lower price – less than one cent per transaction, Ethereum – $25-53, depending on the price of electricity. On Solana’s blockchain, developers built the Audius streaming service, the DeFi Land simulation game, the Saber cryptocurrency exchange, and about 900 other programs. There are almost 3,000 such programs in Ethereum, according to the State of the Dapps tracker.

Polkadot (DOT)

Polka (DOT) is considered one of the promising cryptos to invest in 2022. It became popular due to providing different solutions to investors by using several blockchains from a single network efficiently. It is estimated that crypto investors can obtain higher returns from Polkadot as a huge number of experts believe that with the consistent launch of parachains, the value of the Polkadot cryptocurrency will increase significantly. An achievable target for 2022 is a price range of $40-60.

The cost of DOT is $22.73, its market capitalization – $22,536,546,667 and the trading volume – $1,529,062,811 during 24 hours.

Binance (BNB)

Binance Coin is used worldwide and is developed for minimizing trading fees and providing its users with fast and safe transactions. Many experts predict that users who purchase this token now will receive a huge profit as the price of the coin can reach $1000 in 2022. Binance is a popular cryptocurrency exchange where Binance Coin is designed to pay fees for its services. The market cap of BNB is $70,972,186,832. Its price was just $0.10 in 2017. It grew to $428.63 on February 9, 2022. So, if you want to invest in cryptocurrency, you should think about this digital coin.

Cardano (ADA)

Cardano (ADA)
 is the best crypto to invest in. The capitalization of the Cardano cryptocurrency as of February 2022 is $40,252,702,248, which makes it the 7th in the world in this indicator. The main reason for its popularity is that it can be used in the DeFI space. On the basis of the blockchain, smart contracts can work that help fix transactions between participants without intermediaries in compliance with the law and transparency. As a result, the currency has prospects, it will be an excellent investment option this year.


If you decide to invest in cryptocurrencies this year, you should not forget about the high volatility of digital coins. Strong fluctuations in price can bring both large profits and lead to a complete loss of your funds. Therefore, experienced traders and investors recommend diversifying assets by acquiring different coins. Also, before investing in cryptocurrency, it is necessary to analyze the market in order to know what trend is currently prevailing in the crypto market. After conducting the analysis, you will be able to decide on a strategy and understand which crypto to invest in.

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