Egor Romanov

Egor Romanov

Crypto analyst and Author on Cryptorobotics

Egor Romanov is an experienced analyst and author who has actively contributed to the cryptocurrency community through his analytical publications on the Cryptorobotics platform.

Education and the Beginning of the Journey

Egor Romanov obtained his higher education from 2016 to 2020 at the Saint Petersburg State Forestry University, where he specialized in road engineering. Despite his education, Egor has always been interested in business and finance. His passion for business and finance manifested in the creation of a small online store, where he actively studied the fundamentals of marketing and promotion strategies.

Work Experience

Egor began his professional career in the field of finance and investments. His first official position was as a financial advisor at Tradeomatica, where he worked from March to May 2021. In this role, he developed investment concepts for the Moscow Exchange market (MOEX) and successfully promoted them to clients, actively utilizing cold calling methods. Additionally, Egor conducted online and offline financial literacy lessons. This experience allowed him to acquire sales and marketing techniques from scratch.

Simultaneously with his work in the financial sector, Egor started trading on the Moscow Exchange using a scalping strategy. He actively studied various trading strategies such as VSA, Price Action, wave analysis, and scalping. Later, he transitioned to the cryptocurrency market and managed to increase his initial deposit from $20 to $2500.

In his career, Egor also gained experience working at the “ETAGI” real estate agency (June 2021 – October 2021), where he served as a realtor and completed several successful transactions. However, he decided that sales were not his true calling.

From December 2021 to July 2022, Egor worked at C.invest, where he was responsible for writing weekly analytical reports and managing the company’s assets in financial markets. After that, he joined the UNION OF BUSINESS ANGELS ORGANIZATIONS, where he focused on attracting investments for early-stage startups.

Trading Strategies and Techniques

Egor Romanov believes that the most effective approach to trading is the use of statistically proven trading strategies with risk management. He adheres to strict risk management rules and avoids entering trades where the risk-to-reward ratio is less than 1:3 or 1:4.

Impact of Changes in the Cryptocurrency Market

Egor highlights the influence of new participants entering the cryptocurrency market, including scalpers, traders focused on technical analysis and trading robots. He notes that today’s cryptocurrency market significantly differs from what it was in 2021, and traders must constantly refine their strategies and adapt to new conditions.


Egor Romanov is a crypto analyst and trader with extensive experience in finance and investments. His journey reflects the need for continuous learning and adaptation to market changes in the world of cryptocurrencies. Egor is a part of the Cryptorobotics team and continues to share his knowledge and experience with the cryptocurrency trading community through his analytical materials and market reviews on the Cryptorobotics blog.

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