How to Create a Crypto Trading Bot from Scratch on the Cryptorobotics Platform

Build a crypto trading bot without coding

In the modern crypto world, where technology is constantly evolving the need for automated trading tools is increasing. Among the most demanded tools are crypto bots. They not only simplify the trading process but also allow traders to maximize profits while minimizing risks and time spent on market monitoring. In this article, we will explain how to create a trading bot from scratch on the Cryptorobotics platform. But first, let’s understand what bots are and how they work.

What is a Crypto Trading Bot

A trading bot is a software designed to automate the processes of buying and selling assets on trading platforms or exchanges. In the context of the cryptocurrency market, a cryptocurrency bot is a tool that enables traders to optimize their trading strategies. It helps minimize risks and maximize profits. These automated systems can operate 24/7, tracking market fluctuations and making trades according to predefined parameters.

How Does a Crypto Trading Bot Function?

Trading bots significantly ease the process of making transactions, reducing the need for active user involvement. However, a common misconception is that, by activating a bot, a trader can entirely relinquish further control. It’s crucial not to leave trading programs unattended. The simpler the trading program, the more meticulous attention is required. It’s also vital to have a good understanding of the fundamental aspects of the cryptocurrency market and know which tasks can safely be delegated to robots. Success in automated trading largely depends on recognizing which processes can be automated and which are better controlled personally.

Here’s a basic list of functions performed by a crypto trading bot:

  • Analyzes the market situation for the trading platform
  • Automates the trading process
  • Maintains activity throughout the day
  • Places buy and sell orders within a specified price range and executes them
  • Calculates transaction parameters according to risk management principles, making trading decisions without emotional influence

The functions often entrusted to trading bots include:

  • Trade execution. The primary duty of a crypto trading bot is to enter and exit trades while adhering to set parameters (price, time, volume, and other characteristics).
  • Signal generation. Operating as a signal generator, the crypto bot monitors market dynamics and alerts the trader about favorable moments for entering or exiting a trade (if trading is done manually) or closes trades automatically.
  • Risk management. Before making a trade, the trading robot analyzes potential profits if the conditions for exiting the trade are met, and if necessary, closes the current order. Risk management functions are rarely used separately from trading strategies.

Pros and Cons of Trading Bots

Crypto trading bots come with their advantages and disadvantages, which may vary depending on the specific bot and market conditions. Here are some of them:


  • Quick execution of trading decisions
  • Absence of emotional factors in trading
  • Automation of daily tasks
  • The broad range of strategies and trading approaches
  • Opportunity to develop unique strategies or apply ready-made solutions
  • Ease of adhering to risk management principles


  • High price for quality trading robots
  • Need for continuous monitoring, analysis, and adjustment of bot operations
  • Specific knowledge required for competent bot setup
  • Possible software issues, bugs, errors, and the risk of bot or exchange services hacking
  • Fraudulent platforms

How to Choose a Crypto Trading Bot?

Choosing a crypto trading bot can be challenging, as there are many different bots with various functions and capabilities. However, considering some key aspects can simplify the choice process. Here are some recommendations:

  • Types of Strategies. Check what trading strategies are available for the bot. Some popular strategies include arbitrage, news trading, trend trading, etc.
  • Ease of Use. Evaluate how user-friendly the robot’s interface is. It’s important for beginners that the cryptocurrency bot is intuitive.
  • Technical Support and Educational Resources. Ensure the trading bot has good technical support and available educational resources to help you better understand how it operates.
  • Functionality and Features. Make sure the robot offers all the necessary features you need, such as automatic trading, portfolio management, and analytical tools. Evaluate how easy it is to adjust trading parameters and monitor the process.
  • Support for Various Exchanges. The crypto bot should support trading on the exchanges you plan to use.
  • Security. Evaluate the bot’s security level, including what measures are taken to protect your capital and data.
  • Price. Compare prices of different bots and check for hidden fees.
  • Developing a Trading Bot from Scratch. Some platforms allow traders to create a cryptocurrency trading bot from scratch. For example, on the Cryptorobotics platform, you can build a trading bot with no code using a module. This way, every crypto trader can automate their trading strategy.
  • Reviews and Recommendations. Read reviews from other users and look for recommendations from experts in cryptocurrency trading.
  • Demo Mode. Many bots offer a demo version that allows you to evaluate its functionality without risking your capital.
  • Updates and Improvements. Ensure the developers regularly update the software and improve its functionality.
  • Educational Materials. The availability of educational materials and resources can be useful for understanding how to best use the bot.
  • Community. A large and active user community can help obtain support and advice.
  • Transparency. Check if the company that created the trading bot provides information about its developer, location, and history.
  • Regulatory Compliance. Check if the tool complies with regulatory requirements in your country.

You may also need to conduct your technical research (technical analysis, backtesting) to check the efficiency of the tool. This process may take time, but it’s important to ensure that you’re choosing the right tool for automating your crypto trading.

Types of Crypto Trading Bots

To select the optimal strategy for creating a crypto trading bot, it’s essential to have an understanding of the different types of bots and the peculiarities of their operation in markets with varying dynamics. Bots can be configured to work effectively in both rising and falling markets, making the understanding of their mechanisms and adaptations to specific market conditions critically significant. This will help you select or develop a strategy that aligns maximally with the current market trends and your trading objectives. Here are some of them:

  • Arbitrage bots: These bots pinpoint price inconsistencies across various exchanges, executing a buy order on one and a sale on another to capitalize on the price imbalance. 
  • Market-making bots: Engaging in both buying and selling activities at predetermined price levels, market-making bots aim to profit from the difference between the bid and ask prices, also known as the spread. 
  • Technical trading bots: By employing predefined technical indicators, a technical crypto trading bot endeavors to predict the forthcoming price movements of a particular coin to secure a profit. 
  • Margin trading bots: Utilizing leverage, margin trading bots execute larger trades to multiply gains. However, exercising caution as leverage can also amplify losses. 
  • Coin lending bots: Coin lending bots automate the process of loaning out assets to earn returns, saving you time in managing loan transactions. 

Before advancing to the architectural development of your bot, having a clearly defined trading strategy is essential.

Each of these trading robots has its unique characteristics and can be useful depending on your trading strategy and level of experience in crypto trading.

Best Trading Bots on Cryptorobotics

Cryptocurrency bots are considered some of the best for trading cryptocurrency on the Cryptorobotics platform. Let’s delve into how they work in detail.


Optimus is a crypto trading bot on the Cryptorobotics platform designed to enter trades during low price volatility. It places orders during positive price fluctuations and closes them in line with certain oscillators and indicators set by the algorithm. Optimus is meant for trading on various crypto exchanges including Binance, Binance.US, Bittrex, Bitfinex, EXMO, Huobi, Kraken, KuCoin, OKX, and

On the Cryptorobotics platform, Optimus is presented as a tool that helps traders execute trades under low volatility conditions, which can be helpful in stable or less volatile market conditions. This bot can automatically open and close orders, reacting to positive price changes, and typically uses certain oscillators and indicators to determine the optimal time to enter and exit trades.

Optimus is a fully automated trading robot operating 24/7, and this type of bot trades across all currency pairs.


CyberBot on the Cryptorobotics platform is a crypto trading bot specially designed to operate on the Binance exchange. It is capable of trading in a falling market, never entering trades against the trend. This helps traders minimize the risk of losses and increase the probability of profit.

The working algorithm of Cyberbot is based on the following indicators and oscillators:

Indicators Moving Average (MA):

  • MA4 (4-period moving average)
  • MA9 (9-period moving average)
  • MA20 (20-period moving average)

Oscillator Relative Strength Index (RSI)

Entry logic:

Crossing of MA4 from below upwards with MA9 and MA20, wherein:

  • If MA4 crosses both MA9 and MA20 from below upwards (double crossing)
  • If MA4 crosses MA20 from below upwards and RSI is rising
  • If MA4 crosses MA9 from below upwards, RSI equals 50, and both MA4 and MA9 are higher than MA20.

Exit logic:

  1. If exit by the algorithm is selected in the settings:
  • If MA4 crosses MA9 from above downwards.
  1. If Stop Loss and Take Profit are selected in the settings:
  • Upon reaching Take Profit.
  • Upon reaching Stop Loss.

There are also recommendations given for timeframes: 1H, 2H, 4H, 1D.

Crypto Future

Crypto Future on the Cryptorobotics platform is a crypto trading bot for futures trading on Binance Futures. It operates based on a channel trading strategy, analyzing historical data to determine extremum points, upon which it builds support and resistance levels. The robot trades the top 10 cryptocurrency pairs and is capable of profiting in both rising and falling markets. It also automatically calculates and sets goals for Take Profit and Stop Loss, providing risk management. Crypto Future offers the option to choose leverage for trading and to test the robot in demo mode.

In demo mode, traders can familiarize themselves with the crypto trading bot’s functionality without risking their capital. The trading robot is based on technical and mathematical analysis, using indicators such as MA, RSI, and Stochastic to forecast trend changes at the channel borders. After finding an entry point, the robot automatically sets the Take Profit and Stop Loss levels, minimizing losses and maximizing profits. If the robot is not opening new trades, this may indicate that the algorithm is awaiting a trend reversal signal.

Trade Holder

Trade Holder on the Cryptorobotics platform is an automated trading robot designed for long-term cryptocurrency investments using the Buy&Hold strategy. It automatically forms a portfolio of nine promising coins in the market and manages investments, counting on profits from long-term price growth. Trade Holder aims at maximizing returns, strategically holding and trading selected coins, and automating the investment process, eliminating the need for manual monitoring and transaction execution.

Portfolio diversification, continuous monitoring, and optimization, as well as saving the user’s time and effort are its main advantages. The crypto trading bot employs a profit-sharing payment model, charging a fee only in case of successful trading operations. Users can start using Trade Holder by selecting an exchange for trading operations and determining the size of their trading balance, as well as the amount they are willing to invest in a single trade.

AI Alpha

AI Alpha on the Cryptorobotics platform is a trading bot for cryptocurrency trading based on buy-and-hold asset strategies. Utilizing complex analytical algorithms and trading indicators helps optimize trading operations according to current market trends. AI Alpha is suitable for both experienced traders and novices, thanks to its intuitive interface and automated functions. This robot supports short-term and long-term investments. It allows trade futures and cryptocurrencies, expanding users’ investment possibilities.

One of the key points of AI Alpha is the automatic following of trading signals, allowing users to set up the service once and then monitor statistics and profit from transactions without participation. AI Alpha can boast a monthly profitability of +51.52%, making it an attractive tool for investors. Setting up AI Alpha includes selecting a bot from the list, navigating to the management section, selecting a testing or working mode, and, if necessary, configuring trading parameters. This crypto trading bot offers innovative technologies in the field of artificial intelligence to optimize the cryptocurrency portfolio and improve trading strategies.

Terminator Volatility

Terminator Volatility on the Cryptorobotics platform represents a trading bot algorithm that uses volatility signals to identify and leverage current market trends in various cryptocurrency instruments. This bot is capable of trading both short and long positions, depending on the current market trend, thus minimizing losses from “buy and hold” strategies. The average profit from each trade is 0.2529%, with a profitable trade percentage of 43.33%. The expected monthly profit varies from 4.06% to 12.8%, and the annual profit ranges from 62.2% to 333%, depending on the applied calculations.

Alt+ Volatility Bot

Alt+ Volatility Bot on the Cryptorobotics platform operates based on a trend-tracking strategy, utilizing a volatility breakout algorithm to capture extreme price movements on promising altcoins. The cryptocurrency bot enters short positions during downtrends and long positions during uptrends, thereby minimizing the drawdown inherent to “buy and hold” strategies. This algorithm underwent extensive testing to ensure potential profitability under various market conditions, and to capture every stable trend on underlying assets, thereby maximizing profits from the volatility of cryptocurrency markets.

Alt+ Volatility Bot uses volatility reversal signals to identify potentially profitable entry and exit points in trading, keeping positions open for extended periods except during market fluctuations. This enables traders to profit from the volatility of the most promising altcoins. The crypto trading bot aims to maximize profits by earning on the volatility of key assets, and to minimize risks associated with price fluctuations, making it a useful tool for those looking to enhance their trading strategy in the cryptocurrency market.

AI Columbus Futures

AI Columbus Futures is a crypto trading bot based on artificial intelligence on the Cryptorobotics platform. It allows traders to automate cryptocurrency trading, using a machine learning algorithm to analyze the market and make trading decisions. The bot adapts to market conditions, updating its data every hour and adjusting strategies every 6 hours. This ensures 24/7 trading without constant monitoring, allowing the user to manage risks and receive open statistics on transactions. To start working with AI Columbus Futures, the user must register on Cryptorobotics, go to the Algotrading section, select Autofollowing, configure the crypto bot according to their preferences, and launch it.

DeFi Booster (DeFi Bot)

DeFi Booster is an automated tool or program used for executing trading and financial operations in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. This trading bot can automatically carry out financial operations, manage assets, provide liquidity, and other functions without the need or constant user intervention. It performs tasks according to specific criteria and algorithms, allowing users to optimize their DeFi operations and potentially increase their profits.

Thus, DeFi Booster on the Cryptorobotics platform is a service aimed at automating and optimizing farming in pools on PancakeSwap. It provides automatic entry and exit into profitable farming pools, security thanks to decentralization and smart contract management, as well as a convenient interface for monitoring profitability and managing investments without the need for programming.

 How Trading Bots Work

On the Cryptorobotics platform, trading bots operate based on user-defined parameters to automate the cryptocurrency trading process. To use this trading tool, registration is required. After registering on the Cryptorobotics platform, users can integrate their accounts on various cryptocurrency exchanges using API keys. This allows the bot to access market data and execute trades on the user’s behalf.

Users can configure and launch a trading bot by navigating to the tab “Algorithmic Trading” -> “Trading Robots” -> “My Robots” and selecting the bot of their interest.

Upon selecting a crypto trading bot, users move to the “Management” section, where the robot control panel can be viewed. Each bot has two modes: “Test and Work Mode”. Test mode allows users to test various strategies and bot settings in real-time with real quotes, but without considering the volumes in the order book. By engaging in the work mode, the trader initiates trading with real money.

To set up an account, the following steps need to be completed:

  • Exchange: selecting the exchange for trading (Binance, OKX, etc.).
  • API Key: if a user has multiple accounts on one exchange, they can choose the API key from which the trading bot will trade.
  • Base Currency: selecting the currency for trading (BTC, ETH, USDT, etc.).
  • Currency Pairs: selecting currency pairs for trading.
  • Timeframe: choosing the interval of one candle (1h, 2h, 4h, 1d, etc.).
  • Trading Balance: specifying the total trading volume the user entrusts to the robot.
  • Trade Amount: specifying the amount for one trade.

On the Cryptorobotics platform, users have the opportunity to not only use ready-made crypto trading bots but also create their solutions for automating trades, even without having programming knowledge. Thanks to intuitive settings in the parameters, users can configure the robot functionality according to their trading strategies and preferences. After building a trading bot, users have the opportunity to monetize their solution by offering it to other community members on the Cryptorobotics marketplace. This not only allows users to earn income but also share their successful strategies with other traders.

Creating a Trading Bot on the Cryptorobotics Platform

Building a crypto trading bot on the CryptoRobotics platform is a process that does not require deep programming knowledge, thanks to an intuitive strategy addition module.

After going through a 30-day trial period, the user has the opportunity to not only use the strategy for personal purposes but also offer it for sale to other platform participants.

Access to the module is via the Algorithmic Trading -> Trading Robots section, where you should click the “Add Strategy” button in the terminal’s top right corner.

The trading robot creation and customization interface opens after activating this button.

Cryptocurrency bot settings are divided into blocks:

  • Basic Parameters: setting the basic characteristics of the crypto trading bot (name, photo, exchange selection, and main coins).
  • Signal Configuration: setting parameters for signal reception and forming requests based on them.

Additional setting blocks include:

  • Advanced Strategy Options: entering additional settings such as balance limits, trade amount, Take Profit and Stop Loss levels, etc.
  • User Settings: Select parameters available for user editing when configuring the robot.
  • Description and Disclaimer: Save a brief description and disclaimer for the trading bot for the chosen strategy.
  • Pricing: setting a price for the trading robot.

The first step is to fill in the basic parameters: specifying the robot’s name, selecting an exchange from the list, and selecting a key coin for trading with the option to choose up to three coins.

Then save the entered data by clicking the Save button.

Next, you can proceed to upload the avatar of the trading bot (this step is not mandatory until the crypto trading bot is published on the marketplace).

Image requirements include PNG or JPG formats, a resolution of 200*200 pixels, a maximum file size of 150 KB, a square image without rounded corners, and transparency (the image will automatically be rounded on the interface).

The image is uploaded through the “Upload Image” button, after which the changes need to be saved by clicking the Save button.

Now you can move to the Signal Configuration block to set the parameters for sending signals to the system.

Crypto Trading Bot Moderation Process on the Cryptorobotics Marketplace

After completing the settings necessary for the robot to function, the bot’s cryptocurrency strategy should be tested for 30 days. This process begins by going to the My Robots tab, selecting the created robot, and clicking the Management button.

After testing the strategy for a month, you can go to the Robot Management button in the Algorithmic Trading -> Trading Robots section.

Then the crypto trading bot settings section opens. In the Basic Settings block, the current status of the robot is displayed: Personal. To initiate the moderation process to publish the trading bot on the marketplace, click the I Want to Sell This Robot button.

The next step is the application window, where you will:

  • Familiarize yourself with the requirements for placing a crypto trading robot in the marketplace;
  • Specify your Telegram nickname;
  • Leave a comment regarding your strategy in the Message Text field (e.g., “I wish to sell my robot!”);
  • Activate the Send Message button.

Then you will receive a notification that your application has been accepted. Waiting for the application review will take up to 3 working days.

After applying, our manager will contact you on Telegram to clarify the details and analyze the trading statistics of your crypto trading bot for the last 30 days.

During the application review, the status of your trading bot will change to “Under Moderation.”

Trading Bot Options: Ready-made vs. Custom vs. No-code CryptoRobotics

ParametersReady-made Trading BotCustom Bot CreationBuilding a crypto trading bot with no code on CryptoRobotics
CostFixed CostPotentially High Development and Testing CostsDepends on Selected Pro Package (Basic PRO, Profit PRO, Expert PRO)
Deployment TimeFast (depends on the bot)Long, requires development and testing timeFast
Technical Skills RequiredNone or MinimalHigh Technical Skills RequiredNone Required
FlexibilityLimited by bot functionalityHigh, can be tailored to needsHigh, can be tailored to needs
SupportProvided by VendorSelf-Support or Hire ContractorProvided by Platform
Updates and ImprovementsProvided by VendorSelf or Hire ContractorProvided by Platform
System IntegrationLimitedAlmost UnlimitedLimited by Platform
Risk ManagementDepends on Bot QualityFull Control, Custom Risk Management MechanismsLimited by Platform Capabilities
MonetizationNot ApplicablePossible if there’s a Sales PlatformPossible on Platform Marketplace

How to Launch Your Crypto Trading Bot for Real Trading?

  1. Go to the My Robots tab.
  2. Select the desired robot.
  3. Click on the Manage button.
  4. Transition to Work Mode:
  • Select Work Mode.
  • Click on the Settings button.
  1. Set the necessary parameters for the crypto trading bot’s operation:
  • By default, specify the chosen exchange and the API key for trading.
  • Note that the settings set may vary depending on the specifics of your trading strategy.
  1. Click the Save and Launch button.
  • The trading bot is activated and ready for trading.

With these steps, your trading bot is set to start real trading based on the configured parameters and the selected trading strategy. Ensure that all settings align with your trading objectives and risk tolerance levels to achieve desired trading outcomes.

Tariff and Fees

The cost of creating a crypto trading bot from scratch on the Cryptorobotics platform is determined by the selection of one of the available PRO packages. The Basic PRO package offers the ability to create one custom robot, while the Profit PRO package extends this offer to two custom robots. For those looking for broader capabilities, the Expert PRO package allows for the creation of up to five custom robots. Additionally, for user convenience, a special promo code STRATEGY is provided, which offers 7 days of access to the Expert PRO package, particularly useful for adding and testing new trading strategies. Besides, the crypto trading bot can be launched with profit profit-sharing payment system.


Can I make my trading bot?

Yes, you can create your crypto trading bot on Cryptorobotics. The platform provides an intuitive module for adding strategies that don’t require in-depth programming knowledge. After passing a 30-day testing period, you can use your strategy for personal purposes or offer it for sale to other platform members.

Is building a trading bot profitable?

Building a crypto trading bot can be profitable, but it largely depends on the effectiveness of the trading strategy it employs. Cryptorobotics offers a testing environment where you can evaluate your bot’s strategy over 30 days to see its potential profitability before deploying it in real trading.

How to build a trader bot?

  • On Cryptorobotics, building a crypto trading bot involves several steps:
  • Access the module through the section Algotrading -> Trading robots, and click “Add Strategy” located in the top right corner of the terminal.
  • Fill in the basic parameters like the bot’s name, photo, choice of exchange, and base coins.
  • Configure the signal parameters for receiving signals and forming requests based on them.
  • Optionally, set advanced strategy options like balance limits, trade amounts, Take Profit and Stop Loss levels, etc.
  • Save your settings and test your bot over 30 days to ensure its effectiveness.

How difficult is it to build a trading bot?

The difficulty of building a trading bot on Cryptorobotics is significantly reduced thanks to the platform’s user-friendly interface and the provision of an intuitive module for adding strategies. Even without deep programming knowledge, users can create, test, and optimize trading bots. The platform facilitates a straightforward process of bot creation, making it accessible to a wide range of users irrespective of their technical expertise.

How profitable is a crypto trading bot?

The profitability of a crypto trading bot largely depends on the effectiveness of the trading strategy it employs, the market conditions, and how well it’s configured to manage risks. Cryptorobotics provides a testing environment to evaluate your bot’s strategy for profitability before deploying it in real trading. It’s important to note that while trading bots can automate trading and potentially enhance profitability, they also come with risks and there are no guarantees of profit.

Are crypto bots illegal?

The legality of crypto bots depends on the jurisdiction and the regulations governing cryptocurrency trading and automated trading systems in that jurisdiction. In many places, These tools are legal as long as they comply with the regulatory requirements. It’s advisable to consult with legal experts or relevant financial authorities to understand the legal framework surrounding the use of a crypto trading bot in your region.


Crypto bots play a significant role in the modern world of crypto trading, offering the opportunity to automate trading processes. The Cryptorobotics platform provides convenient tools for creating, testing, and launching trading bots without the need for deep programming knowledge. This opens the doors for a broad spectrum of investors and traders looking to maximize their efficiency in the cryptocurrency market. Users can build a crypto trading bot for various exchanges, including Binance, and customize them according to their trading strategies. Additionally, the platform’s internal marketplace offers the opportunity to buy and sell ready-made trading bots, making Cryptorobotics an attractive solution for a wide range of users.

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